Thanksgiving is tomorrow, here’s a tactical mind puzzle that might bring some enjoyment to those holiday “down time” that sometimes occurs.


Pick one:

Rhodesian farm attack

This vignette is VERY complex with lots of moving parts - please read the scenario brief carefully, and look for instructions at the end.


Excellent thread filled with good advice.

But, I have to say the following:

1) These folks were very rich. They had the means to do this.

2) Yes, they had every right to be there, but...

3) I never understood why they would still choose to live there (I know, freedom to choose, etc.).

4) Get out and let that place burn.


This thread isn’t one of advice. This is a tactical puzzle that’s intended to get people thinking about tactical solutions to dangerous situations.

None of us will find ourselves in a situation where we are being attacked by communist insurgents in Africa.

This thread is more holiday entertainment than anything else.

Thank you for your response, in any case - and happy thanksgiving!!



Time is not on your side in such situations.

Excellent thread. 👍



Thank you.

Time is definitely NOT on your side here.

Care to take a stab at a solution, Horatio?

Look up if you want to see other examples of these vignettes that @Wintersoldier and I have been posting.

@SLAG @Wintersoldier

I am not even sure if this is relative to the discussion in terms of decisive actions but it comes close.

Here is my stab at it.

Low Down Yankee Lier, Shane, 1953, John Ford:

Don't fuck with Shane.🤷‍♂️



Good movie, book is even better.

Having the sun at your back can help.

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Saw it in the movies when I was 11. 🙃

That and Jeremiah Johnson.



One of the best movies I have ever seen WITH a great soundtrack.

Jeremiah Johnson (1972) Official Trailer

I won't tell you the ending for any spoiler.

What a movie.


Thanks, I hate spoilers.

My husband used to tell me about movies he wanted me to watch, but usually revealed too much so I never did view them.

I know about the latest Bond movie, won't tell him because I don't spoil!

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