A local man used to work for the Singer company, the company known for their sewing machines.

One day, he was brought into a meeting and was told, "We really like what you've done with the new machine, but we want you to change this one part," and a small washer was held up.

The man looked at this small part. Then he looked at the people around the room.

And then he spoke.


"I see what you are doing. By telling me to replace this one part, you are letting me know that you want to make this machine fail in a way that our machines are not known for failing. You want me to make a machine that is not quality. You want me to make this machine one that has a definite lifespan. I won't do it. I retire." And he did.


There are people who have spent their lifetimes looking for the "washers" that they want to replace with inferior parts so that the system "fails" in ways that people won't expect.

We are living in the days of the washers failing.

And it's done by design, not accident.

@gloriaoils As a technician I can see some truth in this. The end is the same: a lower quality product because the manufacturer wanted to save 50 cents per unit. Laptops are now being made thinner with cheaper quality in such a way that makes them less cost effective to repair so that a consumer will say "Well, I can just go buy me another one at WalMart." instead of fixing it. You are spot on. I see it all the time in power supply capacitors!



Once you see it, you begin to see it everywhere.

Like DEF. People know about Union Pacific railroad limiting the shipping of feritilizer However, also in this press release is the fact that they also limited DEF, a diesel fuel additive.

The limiting of fertilizer is a "washer," but limiting DEF is another "washer."

It's like it's death by a thousand cuts.

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