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From Gen. Flynn on Telegram:

1/ And not to forget our health freedoms. The WH and the MSM will use covid to get us to forget about this horrific tragedy unraveling in AFG. This analysis and statement below from a friend to remind us of our constitutional and moral rights as free citizens (right now we Americans must juggle more than one ball):

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Here’s some info about Lieberman and his role with the CCP. He’s not some no name. He’s pretty important and his specialty is nano-tech. Not sure I buy that there’s nano bots in the shots but him being involved isn’t name dropping, it has significance even if we haven’t quite figured it out yet.


"Oh, you're a woke-poke employer eh?

You think hiding behind OSHA -- or the threat to issue a mandate by the government -- in some way prevents you from being liable for injuries and/or deaths related to the vaccines?"

I'm a city employee. The city offers religious exemptions against a COVID testing mandate (city can't mandate the vaxx because Texas). My religious exemption has been denied twice. Talking to my union confirms my belief the city was not going to approve any exemption regardless. The union needs someone willing to fight the fight. I'm their huckleberry. Wish me luck.

Our stuff is getting packed & put into storage for 5 months. Everything for daily living has to be packed into our car. That's fine except my husband doesn't know how to let things go. If he could take our kitchen sink, I swear he would do it! I'm telling him he can't pack 5 months of clothes into a suitcase that is already half filled with collectables and a CPAP machine.

@Sydneykaye01 @Bleukitty @SomeLadyinVA UPDATE: I am happy to inform you all that Lord Malbec got triggered into banning me!

About frickin' time after like six days of me mostly not posting there. As if I care when that loser is making money off the very companies behind the jab which in turn nullifies his dumb grift around how QV still needs money.

What's funny is all I said was, "Oh boy" over the screenshot. Didn't add anything else so in no way was it "conspiratorial" or whatever he'd say.


I posted earlier with a video that went into the recently published patents associated with the jabs and in particular the way that the embedded nanotechnology therein will be used to implement a nightmarish control mechanism(s) on every jabbed person.

@DuaneCates picked this up and ran with it today in his always excellent Thunderdome, connecting it to his work from more than a year ago where he noted the arrest of a scientist connected to both Wuhan and with nanotechnology.

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As I've always said from the very beginning, Dr. Charles Lieber & his LIEBER (RESEARCH) GROUP are at the heart of whatever happened in Wuhan.
Peruse this and realize that NANOTECHNOLOGY is at the very heart of COVID & especially the Vaccines.

I attended a funeral yesterday in a small town in Ohio. As the procession drove to the cemetery every car pulled over, road workers stopped working and took their hats off, people literally stopped mowing their lawns. The world is full of good people, you just won't hear about them on the news. I believe plenty of good, sane people exist and the insanity I hear about and occasionally see is not normal or how things have to be or will be.

If you opened a puppy abortion clinic, you would be shut down the first day by crazed leftists.

You know I'm right.

@DrFell @hejoural I have been noticing it for some time and discussing it with many people. incidentally when my son was 8 he was on the bus. A 12 year old was mercilessly tormenting a 5 year old girl. My son intervened and really suffered for it. when he told me about it, he said that he was really scared and knew he was going to get hurt on the outside but if he did nothing he was going to hurt worse on the inside. I was very proud of him. he also said it worked and he got in a few hits.

@Phil For people to be just now waking up to this behavior of filming everything while watching a crime be committed, has taken too long. So many frustrated views wondering why isn't someone helping the poor individual on the film. Only to find out later they were too busy filming. How many crimes could've been stopped we don't


There is a YouTube live stream event @1500 PT TODAY with Peggy Hall

This is for Federal Employees and Federal Contractors on how to complete the accommodations form.

Her channel is
The Healthy American

1800 Eastern
1700 Central

@hejoural This has been happening more and more, where people are interested in filming rather than helping. It shows a level of societal decay that is nearly beyond comprehension. I think a lot of it comes from emasculating our boys and not really teaching them to be men, in the true sense of the word.

β€œLittle children, love one another. If this one thing we’re attained, it would be enough.”

John the Apostle

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