Dr Jane Ruby
The PCR test has been replaced with a long list of experimental, emergency use authorized, unvalidated, useless tests

Prepare for mass psychosis to evolve into mass confusion


I got home last night to this Fucking email message from my daughters High School "Director of Covid Mitigation" Please see the attached letter regarding the distribution of at-home COVID tests.

It is every day they send this Covid related Shit.

Like I wrote good old Pete late last night, when he tells me who makes them, provides the ingredients/components of the tests & provides me the Evaluation/studies on them, I may let her take 1, otherwise he can assume she is negative.

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Every school now has a "Director of Covid Mitigation" where they provide daily updates, videos, letters, forms, tell kids and parents what to do and probably all make over a $100K a year because it is such an "important" position these days...

Poor old Pete knows me and he apologizes all the time for not having answers to my questions... and mostly agrees with me on a lot of the points, but like everyone else these days, he says I have to to my job as they tell me to!!!

@icare4america @HunDriverWidow

Another government make-work position, albeit a white-collar and well-paying one no doubt.

At a higher level, think of the administrative overhead businesses and governments are carrying along with the associated costs.

@icare4america just use them to swab a papaya. Maybe she'll get a few days off. @HunDriverWidow

@DrFell the president of Tanzania tested a goat, a papaya and motor oil with covid tests back in 2020. They all came back positive, then months later he died of mysterious circumstances. @icare4america @HunDriverWidow

@waronmorons @HunDriverWidow

Actually I'm going use one to test my dog...lol... just for shits and Giggles

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