To all here. I believe on Jan 25 the border between US and Canada will be severely impacted because of Covid Bull Shit restrictions.

It means that almost all Shipping between both countries will be shut Down.

What we are all seeing now, is some Americans all over knwo about this. Not Many, but enough to impact the supply chain. that is why everyone, especially here, are talking about empty shelves.

It will not only be food though, it will affect everything we buy. Fuel shortages will

be everywhere too.

Spread the word to Family and friends about the possibility this happens and it happens quick.

I do think there are nefarious reasons this will be bad. Cutting to the chase, they want us to lockdown.

Shortages will be everywhere.

Stock up now and do it by mid next week, cause next weekend may be too late.

1. Gas tanks full and keep them at 3/4 every day.
2. Get as much propane as you can store.
3. Stock up on long shelf life food items


4. Extra Cleaning supplies, TP,
5. Do not go crazy on Meat unless you can freeze it
5. Stay stocked on any item you deem necessary.
6. something as simple as Batteries could be out of stock in no time.
7. Have Cash on hand if you can.

Canada supplies the US with a lot of Goods and supplies and Petroleum products.

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