I'm happy to see him looking so well. I read that he was assaulted this afternoon. 😡

@Horatio @as2


@hejoural @Horatio @as2 @KarePatriot

I hear it was nothing bad at all...some liberal slapped his back hard and called him a scumbag...

@icare4america So glad he is okay. Still, should not happen and never ever ever have a right to lay a hand on anyone like that. Getting way too bold and lawless the heathens are! 😠 😡 🤬 Hope they got the jerk!

@hejoural @Horatio @as2

@icare4america I bet he is just like he always is in person, down to earth. He is definitely one of my favorites! What he did for NYC was phenomenal and how it's done! He needs to teach a class!

@hejoural @Horatio @as2

@KarePatriot @hejoural @Horatio @as2

For sure a long career fighting for justice and law and order... Not perfect, no one is, but AtTrue American Patriot and Hero, despite the Lies of the Left about him... they revel in destroying Good People...

They are Sick Bastards, the Fake News and Swamp creatures and Many Liberals...

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