I did my first manual transmission driving lesson today and skated two skateparks. Awesome people everywhere. What a great day it's been!



Congratulations on learning to drive a stick!

Nothing feels better than dropping into 5th gear at 80 miles per hour in order to slide between two guys in the passing lane without needing to tap on your brakes.

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@insurgentem I'm having a hard time visualizing this. 🙂
Right now I need PRACTICE. I have all the pieces, but it's a very deliberate effort. I stalled about 1/3rd of the time going from stopped to first gear. 😆 I'm also extremely slow to get going in first.

Friends have suggested I buy a used manual transmission car and do Skip the Dishes, Uber Eats and that kind thing to pay for the car and get the practice. This might be a GREAT idea.


It really is a great idea. The more you drive a stick, the faster you learn it.

I'm talking about "down-shifting". If you're rolling and shift from a higher gear into a lower without giving it gas, the engine acts like a brake and slows you down while giving you more power from higher revving till it revs down.

It's what allows you to take corners a lot harder in a stick than in an automatic.

@insurgentem Ah, downshift throttle blip. I've been playing with this in my sim games, but sim is different from real life, of course.


For sure. For all the benefits of a digital simulation, there's a big difference in terms of learning to do it by feel, even from car-to-car.

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