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St. Joan of Arc Prayer (short version)

St Joan of Arc, give us strength in this, our time of need and come to our aid. We humbly ask thee to help us bear our trials with honour. Blessed Joan, give us courage. Holy Joan, give us fortitude. Help us to prevail over evil. Pious Joan, help us to be fearless and put our trust in God. Venerable Joan, help us to be unwavering in our faith. Heroic Joan, help us to uphold justice. Glorious Virgin, intercede for our nation.

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Hear our petition and heartfelt plea. Pray for us in this, our time of need, for we believe God will deny you nothing. Amen.

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"I've got a pen and I've got a phone - and I can use that pen to sign executive orders and take executive actions and administrative actions that move the ball forward."

B. Obama

Billy Sims, Running back, OU Sooners, Heisman Trophy 1978. 1st overall draft pick for the Detroit Lions. Played 1980-1984. Sustained a career ending knee injury.

Bahaha Look what I found!

A Dr Fauci voodoo doll. 😂

Could give him the jab over and over 🤭 😂 ☺ 😂 😆

"It has been four years since I was supposed to die. Everyday since has been miraculous and I attribute my continuous survival to the prayers of loving people.

My Hebrew name is

Velvel Wolf Zev Ben Leah

It really isn’t important when and how a person dies. It is much more important how a person lives.

With much love

~Zev Zelenko"
April 1, 2022

Things are getting Beyond Serious in the Netherlands. #bs


We laten ons niet intimideren.

Het gaat nu toch wel bij Zwolle krankzinnige vormen aannemen 🤮

Lolololololol...His honesty is refreshing. He's not lying ...he's observant...and of course the author hates him.

Let’s go ahead and entertain the idea that Joe is right, that gas prices and economic depression are due to Russia’s war in Ukraine, and not due to the Biden admin’s failure. But NOBODY wants to address WHY Russia moved into Ukraine in the first place.

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