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She's running for Congress in AOC's district. NY14 I think. I hope there's a debate. I'd love to see that.


See, stuff like this is why I don't talk to leftists anymore. They've gone crazy.

Not all of them, I'm sure. Hell, most likely it's less than ten percent who are anywhere near this divorced from reality. But I just don't have the mental energy to differentiate people who've gone certifiably insane and those who go along with the fake zeitgeist of societal derangement because they're afraid that one of these insufferable wackjobs will try to ruin their life.

Biden’s White House wants to go after religious vax objectors

"...The government policy is not about health but about control. And when a government wants control that badly, the only sane answer is NO."

The CCP-funded Marxist Elites want to PISS as many Americans as possible off; not smart, IMO.


I posted earlier with a video that went into the recently published patents associated with the jabs and in particular the way that the embedded nanotechnology therein will be used to implement a nightmarish control mechanism(s) on every jabbed person.

@DuaneCates picked this up and ran with it today in his always excellent Thunderdome, connecting it to his work from more than a year ago where he noted the arrest of a scientist connected to both Wuhan and with nanotechnology.

Dr Mercola published this chart over a year ago.

Looks accurate.

Dr Mercola was silenced.

Thread. (Corrected--no sleep, head cold!)

I can’t promise this will come to a mind-blowing conclusion or open your third eye. It’s just a set of thoughts on social engineering that have been nagging at me, and I find it helpful to lay them out and invite constructive criticism.
I'd been struggling to understand, at a fundamental level, how people can willingly allow governments, corporations, schools, churches, restaurants, or any other "other" dictate their medical or personal choices.

Suspicious Barges and Cargo Ships Off Our Coast. 10/12/21

your ship has no intention of coming in

Long reads but worth every second.
Links in 2/2

Pull quote:

We have entered one of the most dangerous periods in world history, as this engineered crisis is being commandeered by sociopathic totalitarians to implement their warped demented plans to destroy the existing societal structures and economic systems in order to build back better under a centralized communistic authoritarian techno-gulag configuration designed to benefit the few at the top, while keeping a boot on the face

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It is becoming more and more obvious to me that we are facing an almost unspeakable evil with regards to the infliction of the spike protein jabs.

For a long time, I tried to tell myself that the motive was mere money, or mere conventional political power.

But I now think it is something far more insidious, diabolical, and straight up EVIL.

If Trump thinks Bigly with respect to his plans to keep winning until we are tired of it, then it is reasonable to think the other side has...

More deaths from vaccinations than from Covid-19 in Taiwan

This is the first time that deaths after vaccination in Taiwan have exceeded deaths after illness.

Our attorneys have completed a legal “deep dive” on c19 vaccines. Some things are clear:
Under any definition, c19 vaccines are experimental. Any state agent engaging in forced medical experimentation without informed consent is incurring civil and criminal liability for which
there can be no valid or lasting indemnification or legally conferred immunity.
[rest at link]

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