So Axe discontinued their 'Kilo' antiperspirant at some point about a year ago, and I found out by not being able to procure them 6 at a time online anymore.

"Natural" brands which so far haven't made the cut for an office job with occasional forays into actual physical work, so far:
Every Man Jack
Two homemade w/baking soda (allergic reaction after a few days)
Herban Cowboy
Dissident soaps

Andalou Naturals Pine is almost ok, but removes armpit hair ruthlessly.

Any suggestions?

Blast from the past, more accurate today than when I first stole it.

SCOTUS Ruling Is Not A Grant of a Positive Right. It's An Acknowledgement of An Existing Natural Right

This seems to be a misunderstood concept for many people, these days..

#SCOTUS #2A #Freedom #Liberty #Patriot #MAGA

Congress was much better when it had more duels than dual citizens.

Imagine MTG responding to Piglosi's mask fines by slapping the old bitch in the face, handing her a pistol and having her walk 20 paces to eternity? Or instead of running his mouth at Fauci every other mouth, Rand Paul could run the little goblin through with a rapier and shut him up for good.

I can't help but feel like Telegram and Truth Social would do well to at least allow posts to be looked at without having to have an account. What better way to drive traffic away that is ambivalent toward their platforms than to require you to login to view content.

Happy Fathers Day to my FA bros.

The world needs a lot more fathers in it like you all.

Have a great day guys.

To my Free Atlantis admins: why 500 characters? I often have started a post, then go back and strip out language that I wanted to use, and re-wordsmith the verbiage, repeatedly, in order to avoid splitting what I wanted to say into multiple posts.

I know that at least 5000 characters are supported, since other instances whose posts show up in my timeline use a larger character cap, without messing the bed.

Is this a big ask for reasons that I'm ignorant of?

So to any who have followed my sparsely outlined story of COVID tyranny from my former employer up to today, I have news.

Former employer, still former employer, was making $100k/yr salary.

Accepted a job offer with new employer with no visible or outlined tyrannical policies yesterday for $112k/yr salary, working remotely. Only have to spend 3-4 weeks traveling per year back to the home office, 6 hours away, for a week at a time, on the company's dime.

God is good, all the time.

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