@SirDHSlammer thankfully, no. He was very late himself. It was scheduling my 30 and 90 day reviews, 90 and 30 days late, respectively. He was getting a ration of crap from his boss for not having done them yet. 😁

My boss, last week, sent an invite for a 9 AM meeting at 9:10...

I also love statements like this with no proof to back it up.
So dumb, so sad.

It's a thinly veiled threat.

Like, that's a nice house you got there, be a shame if something were to happen to it. Stay safe. 😉😁

And I've had an unlisted phone number for more than 20 years...

I'm sure that it's odd that I have mixed feelings about that too

It's worse when it's a Yocto project based build, I promise.

Think running 'make' several thousand times in an automated build system, when projects have been updated but the requirements may not have been...

Possibly, but other pain will still persist, as I'm porting forward a PetaLinux build for a legacy product at work.

Nothing quite like broken dependencies and old, jury-rigged build files to brighten your day, and amplify your pain.

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