"I've got a pen and I've got a phone - and I can use that pen to sign executive orders and take executive actions and administrative actions that move the ball forward."

B. Obama

I would like to draw attention to one of our great FreeAtlantis citizens: @Luther

He has a quirky poetic and rhythmic posting style here that always stands out for me.

He also runs a Telegram channel that is an excellent news aggregator with good, concise commentary too. He's become one of my go-to stops on Telegram (one of the few).

If you are on Telegram, please go check his channel out and give him a follow. I predict you will be pleased with his offerings.

You know that the new Congress once seated can begin impeachment proceedings against both Biden and Harris. They can be removed in close tandem (with no new VP confirmed by the Senate). The Speaker becomes President. They'll require access to a ⅔ majority, strong party cohesion and leadership, and the willingness to do it. There are considerations of timing, how quickly to move with investigations, whether to act first on Cabinet members, judges, agency heads.

This could get interesting.


It’s hard to ignore all the pieces coming together and beginning to fall in perfect place.

More of a feeling at this point.
It is impossible to ignore though.

We won’t see it coming.

But we know it will.

Even ready and aware, we will be surprised.

When the plan comes together.

That is my belief.

@johnglavine @Andre

The parables...

It is so interesting that the disciples were confused by them. That the principle would elude them.

Also that the Bible doesn't make an attempt explain the principle to the reader either.

As I understand it, that the reader will "get it" on God's timing.

So interesting!

John, everyday more and more is being revealed. Just more evidence that this is in God's hands and on his timetable.

and I feel good about that!


We may never know the real story in time to stop anything. But I have to believe that there is nothing happening beyond what is absolutely the minimum necessary.

I have faith in God. I have faith in Good's triumph over evil. I have faith that Trump and the White Hats have our best interest at heart.

Now, with that all said. There is no way, no how, and no never, that I personally will take the risk by taking the Jab. My faith also tells me that there is no need!



I have written before about the few premises that drive my my conjecture, my spitballing.

I try to have as few basic assumptions as possible as the foundation of my thinking.

My primary presumptions that are the foundation of most of what I have written here are two:

1. Trump and some segment of military intelligence (which could extend internationally) were aware of determinative foreign interference in the '20 election (an Act of War). My primary sources for this are well...

Anyone that has ever worked with Eric Herschmann knows that the handwriting on that note is his. Cassidy lied through her teeth and Liz Cheney knew she was lying.
Trump White House attorney disputes Cassidy Hutchinson's testimony about handwritten note

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@johnglavine @jmc464 @ArnGrimR @h53pilot @SLAG

I think the BEST we can do is 'possible' and we lack too much info to go with 'probable' in most instances.

@ArnGrimR @Andre @h53pilot @SLAG

Bingo. It would have been a mess, and detrimental to the entire effort to expose the Dems and their associates for all of their activities, all of their agenda, all of their intentions, not just election fraud.

And DJT's absence certainly made Afghanistan and Ukraine easier to accomplish.

@jmc464 @ArnGrimR @h53pilot @SLAG

The importance of the international aspects in the crippling of the Swamp's tools cannot be overstated.

The Democrats have been cut off from a great deal of power and resource in the past year.

From 2019. 🥵
For the moment I thought we were onto a stupendous bargain! 😂😂
Looks like a Metcash (IGA) display Norton?


Mosul is essentially modern day Nineveh.
I wonder if our favourite hermit is aware of this.

A Thread

Another thought from the wild fire that went through my brain yesterday.

I think I’m going to make a bold prediction.

I don’t think we will see much unrest/rioting from the overturn of RvW.

Some of you might be saying, “Well Scott, that is just crazy talk”! “This is the Big One” “9.1 on the Democratic Richter Scale”

Here is my reasoning:



Those of us who have been spitballing about devolution (or whatever) for quite some time and generally presumed that the crisis leading to the Constitutional Novelty that will be used to emerge from this dark chapter would be one that involves Trump, the stolen election, and acts of war involving determinative foreign interference in that election.

That is the direction that the Democrats are looking too, hence the Jan 6th Kangaroo Committee.

But perhaps IT (whatever IT is) is going...

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