are they going to do anything about it or just announce it? I read some of it but I'm weary of the same song and dances.

It is a good question.
I would estimate a 10%-20% probability that they have nothing and are all fluff and talk.
And a 80%-90% probability that they have the receipts.
My guess is there are certain preconditions that need to be met before the receipts are produced and one of the preconditions was the overturning of Rowe v Wade.
I spitball like everyone else. However I spitball this way because doing things legally and constitutionally are legal questions. And lawyers write like this.

I want it over fast too.
We need to get back to living.
One thing I have noticed as time went by is the scope of the most “complex” military operations.
I think we can agree it has several international dimensions? Ukraine in particular and also Afghanistan and Trump mentioned Taiwan after the Winter Olympics.
It is so interesting to me that Russia and China (Brics nations) are involved re Ukraine and Taiwan and are the supposed antagonists.
I don’t know how it ends.

I cannot tell what will happen with Taiwan.
One thing I am quite confident about is that Trump cannot have absolute control over timing where there is an international dimension that involves other sovereign nations.
For me I just look back 12 months every so often - undertake a comparison, realise that we are better off than 12 months ago and plod on like a faithful digital soldier should.
Thanks again for your question!

I am reminded of the Bastogne defenders.
Outnumbered they held on until Patton’s third army arrived from the South.
They called themselves the “Battered Bastards of Bastogne”.
They were known for their stubbornness and resourcefulness.
General McAuliffe was famous for his “nuts” response.
I intend to dig in and repel the invaders in this information war.
“Help is on the way” - Trump rally song.
Hey, he’s played a Patton clip at a rally.
Let’s be like the “Battered Bastards of Bastogne”.

I meant “Hold on, I’m coming”.
Same principle but incorrect paraphrase.

I like this analogy of being like the "Battered Bastards of Bastogne", it is sort of like that. Not to say that is a good thing, or a bad thing. It may be required, or we have no choice and it's an example of a helpful assistant role we can take on and can portray.

It's almost comical in that they have this evidence in the DHS report of a crime but it's announced only as 'Patrick Byrne " was right ? ... Is this to serve the purpose of giving accolades to someone who may have done some investigating and made a few predictions or exposed a some facts? It's like a huge list of "nice to know stuff" incriminating But anyone's guess if anything will be done about it.

Just a Battered Bastard reading some stuff.

I have a certain view of the world where I think that the 'good guys' are trolling the 'bad guys' continually to remind them of what they have done and cause them to live in a perpetual state of discomfort wondering whether the 'good guys' have receipts. The mental torture must be extremely uncomfortable!
I also have a particular positive interpretation of Chris Krebs' words about “the most secure election in history”.
These two things help me sit vey comfy (IF I am not mistaken).

The mental torture is equally discomforting to those that deal with it, that want justice and accountability. Like myself, I feel enough time has transpired and we got the receipts, they pretend we don't have the them because the glorified election will solve everything. It can't get here soon enough. If we play this game it had better work, because we don't have too many choices left. They are time consuming too

@DrFell @johnglavine I think, if we learned anything over the past few years it is that the wheels of justice turn EXTREMELY slowly. I leave it all up to Karma on the justice front and look to how we can change things, within our own lives and our actions out in our communities to make sure we take note of the behavior of others and respond accordingly. See the parents movement against masks and CRT. All grassroots. No laws changed. Major shift in perception and action.

@oystergirl @johnglavine
when you say "change things" I have given this considerable thought. We have Laws in place and an almost perfect Constitution, and of late a SCOTUS that interprets this for those that seem to have demented counter views of it. What needs to change are the "People".. the DS, the Praetorian Guards as Hillary and Obama have named them. The weasels and the WEF globalist leaders that Schwab has infiltrated into our system. This is a ton of bad actors involved.

@DrFell @johnglavine yes there are, and they've NEVER had this much exposure and push back before. EVER. You could say the peace movement and the sexual revolution of the 60's moved the needle, and then, it didn't, but there was NO technology for rapid information dissemination back then. Basically, the internet fucked them all. Why do you think they try so hard to censor? Trump's biggest triumph was actually making people see FAKE NEWS is fake and getting people to do their own research. FIRE!

@oystergirl @johnglavine
As far as the Wheels of justice spinning slowly. It appears once the case reaches the desks of the Justices, it took about a month to read it over and deliberate. It took 50 years to get to the table, This is unacceptable, and due to a DS fending it off, and politicians playing games for decades. It's a giant advertisement sign flashing that nitwits run the halls.

@DrFell Glass half empty Felly? Big hugs my friend...❤️ THAT it made it to the court is a HUGE sign of a sea change. Same with the 100 year old concealed carry NY law, not to mention Ghislaine Maxwell being prosecuted and found guilty. These things DID NOT HAPPEN before. They are happening now. @johnglavine

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