From 2019. 🥵
For the moment I thought we were onto a stupendous bargain! 😂😂
Looks like a Metcash (IGA) display Norton?


No idea, got it off a collection of funny signs. I have seen some doozies from OzBargain however!

The shoppers’ nirvana (or was it Mecca?) of Australia!
Just a pity the contributors occasionally stray into politics and …. the level of their discourse is way below FA level. 😄


I used to check it daily, sometimes multiple times. Haven’t done that in a couple of years.

I ended up clogging my home with deeply discounted merchandise which I hardly use ….. 😂🙊😅

An absolute champion actually at the moment of acquisition!
But slowly with the passage of time the champagne lost its fizz. 🤣


I did score a few genuine bargains, and some are still used daily, years later. The only other way to save even more, was to not buy at all!

These week’s grocery specials are posted.
Let’s see I can find a deeply discounted staple - Rice 🍚…. 😄


Ours come out Tuesday late afternoons for Wednesday start.

Grocers like Harris Farms have larger 10kg bags as do Asian grocers that are not too bad. I tend to buy the 5kg basmati rice from Coles when it’s half off, like $9.50 or $10.


Wife switched us over to basmati years ago. Short and fat grain is now viewed as a delicacy, like when we go Chinese or sushi! 😂

I saw the Hinata one, seems similar price wise.

We buy a bag of these when it’s half off.

Basmati is very good.
Lower Glycemic Index.
We buy that too.
Probably should make a complete switch.
The Indian grocery stores tend to sell the best quality basmati but we have to pay more for what we get.

Nice. 😄👍
Resisting “rice pot” habits. 🙊🙊


Separately, I just paid for a (Nord) VPN service. It’s about $80 USD for 2 years, but with CashRewards you get 96% back, so around $10 AUD for two years.

If you’re interested, read the deal, first comment, then skim through the three pages of other comments if you wanted to be sure what to do. I just used the app as per the deal, but maybe could’ve used Norfolk Island instead of USA to avoid GST.

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