@johnglavine @aquanaut642 Check this out sometime. Fascinating documentary on liberalism, CRT specifically, creeping into the SBC. I couldn't believe church leaders did not see the "anti-racist" movement for what it was.(I attend an American Baptist church.)


Thank you! I will. Infiltration and creeping is a huge issue where so much trust is placed on good faith and relationships.
Thanks for sharing!
We must be vigilant to remain the salt and the light of the earth.

@pamby1 @johnglavine

Just started watching this @pamby1. But it is so good!

The opening with the antitheists is exactly how Satan would do it. I've thought this for a long time.

Create a religion that is just "One-Off" from the real deal and pervert it from the inside.

The path of least resistant. Efficient.

@aquanaut642 @johnglavine Exactly. I was in such shock as I watched people I'd known for years, professing believers, fall for this crap. Everything about this woke crap is antithetical to the Gospel. Especially "collective guilt". Nuh uh, no way. Jesus bore ALL a that on the cross. "Therefore there is now no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus." This is why we have to stay in the word.

@aquanaut642 @johnglavine I don't understand it all but there's some kind of connection between the SBC & racism or slavery? The documentary touches on it. There may have been some carryover guilt from the past that may have made them vulnerable to this stuff. I've posted this before but here's another good video of believers beginning to process all of this woke stuff creeping into the church. People were deceived.



SO anti-Christian!

But it is exposed.

The Great Awakening and Revival in progress!!!

So many figuring it out now!

Pamby1, people are seeing it for what it is!



Hey John! I did not know this about the SBC, but I'm not surprised. The date is what is most interesting - 1971.

A theory, loosely cobbled together from many, is that the forces of evil in the government during the 60s, realized that the Church was going to be a real problem to their plans.

The 1st amendment stood in the way of any direct action they could take.



Thus the lure of Money, in the way of Tax-exempt status. All for the small small price of giving up the taking of political positions from the pulpit.

<It is WIN-WIN-WIN for everyone!>

But mostly for the Government who now has a finger on the button so to speak.

So it is not surprising that SBC took this position. The Govt. just had to coerce this one influential man to say the <right> thing and the rest of the churches had to fall in line or risk the Money.


I can only imagine the absolute shock and horror of the members of the SBC churches when this proclamation when it was promulgated.

So stark and contrary to any interpretation of the Word. Based on a lie, akin to the lies that caused RvW in the first place.

A dancing Devil, so sure in Pride and Arrogance, that he had one the Day. The John Lennon types in the culture had convinced a generation to turn away from GOD. A Sign-of-the-Times.

Dark Days!

The monetary gravy train is alive and well today.
I see so many replace God with the small “g” government.
I have seen churches in Australia rake in cash during C-19 through overly generous handouts. Targeted broadly not at churches only.
Handouts with the left hand.
With the right hand they tighten their grip over the churches via laws and regulations and corrupt the minds of the congregations - subtly but ever so surely.


Dovetails nicely with the video @pamby1 tooted.

"Structures of Power" affecting Theological Discussions.


"proclamation when it was promulgated" = "proclamation was promulgated"

"he had one the day" = "he had won the day"


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