Provided to me today by a good Brother in Christ whom I have known for nearly 30 years and who travelled from one side of Australia to the other for my wedding.

I have no words to describe the unspeakable evil. I have tears.

Another pastor in my circle of influence just replied to Mr Kovacevic’s story with this:

“It seemed to be the same story of someone at church whose father was admitted to hospital but drugged to his passing.”

Never thought it would come to this in our lifetimes.

Just to clarify also that I did not know Mr Kovacevic, but I am familiar with the town and city mentioned in his story.


I'm so sorry to learn this.

May he rest in peace with the Lord.

In God there is justice.

💗 🙏 🕯️


This times many thousands.

There will be justice.


This is very saddening to read. Fauci and crew need to pay dearly for what they've done to people all over the globe. Evil has a face and Fauci wears it. I mourn for all we've lost. It also amgers me. 💔🙏


That is heartbreaking.
I don't know how a family deals with the emotions they'd have knowing this is how their loved one's last days were.
My heart goes out to his family.
I don't know how these medical people sleep at night.

@SweetIceTea @johnglavine

I have known many personally… they are absent any self awareness… they often have the upper hand because of their sheer force… but they are truly the most pathetic of people.


I am so sorry to hear about this. May he Rest In Peace. 🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼

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