Today’s unadulterated excrement story.
Arrived in my in-box 12 minutes ago.
Sure it’s the Australian Constitution BUT a Constitution is never “old law”.
It’s the very and only basis for bringing the people together in the first place!
I said bringing people together - not dividing them into tribes.

I found this Trump truth in my archives and knew you will be able to make sense of it! 😁

They do acknowledge myocarditis and pericarditis being reported following Pfizer and Moderna.
“Most cases have been mild and people have recovered quickly”.
What about the rest?
What about the next 10-20 years?

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Forgetfulness Addendum 🙊
On Page 4, several “real beauty” (Aussie slang) questions for those receiving Pfizer or Moderna.
Rhetorical question: Why ask?

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Despite these four vaccines being “effective and safe”, the Australian Government considers it necessary to ask Questions and Question 3 in particular.
This consent form (6 A4 sized pages) was last updated on 25 February 2022.
Back in August 2021, it all fitted into a single A4 sized sheet of paper.
Lest we forget.

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Australian Government’s consent form for C-19 vaccination.

“…. four brands …. All are effective and safe”.

The four brands are AstraZeneca, Novavax, Moderna and Pfizer.


Strange roundabout route from Subang, Kuala Lumpur to Taipei.

I’ve nothing against Shell (yet) but this is somewhat unfortunate.

Here’s a snippet from Moderna’s position description.
“Country supply negotiations”.
Exclusion clauses? Indemnities?

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My dream job has just been advertised!!
What say you fine citizens of FA?
Yay or Nay??

From Cat the Great’s Telegram channel.
Assuming “a foreign power successfully rigged a US election”, who could detect and catch them?
What if this has been going on for many elections and many years?
After all, Trump’s EO to address the mischief in 2018 surely did not evolve out of a vacuum.

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Went to three “mainstream” supermarkets today and it wasn’t easy finding eggs.
So I dropped by an Asian grocery store and there was more supply (and it was cheaper).

Made it into the Australian newspaper (the “Murdoch press”).

A second read always sheds fresh light.

“Illegally Constituted Unselect Committee”.

“Illegally Constituted”.

How so?

Under what circumstances?

Another emotional rant?


Messaging for us perhaps?

Recent Nakasone tweet.
Further collaboration with Wray etc.
Is this a binary outcome?
They got it or they didn’t get it?
Perhaps that’s a little simplistic?

May I have more oil please?
Apologies to the infinitely more honourable Olver.

Pence and ScoMo in Seoul.
What’s it all about Mike?
And ScoMo?

Here is a useful resource on the procedures and process:

Did Congress count the “electoral votes” appropriately and as required by law?

Let’s start with a screenshot.

Taken from Kyle Cheney’s (Politico) Twitter Feed:

Compare the words used by Presidents of the Senate during the electoral college vote counting process over the years.


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With thoughts of certification and the meaning of the word “purport” racing in my mind, I went looking for the usual udocument certification stamps in my office.
The outcome was dastardly!! 🤣😆😂

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