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Going through old screenshots again.
The tweet BEFORE the November 2018 midterms.
Should be helpful for “fragments”.

A Long Thread

Since the Good News this morning my mind is racing. As I work nights, I tried to sleep but what little came was restless.

I feel blessed to have found FA, and all the members here. We share a worldview and so much more. Your insight, knowledge, and good humor make this such a pleasant community.

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@johnglavine @pamby1

John said,

"Our only consolation is they are safe with the Lord and will enjoy eternity with Him. We look forward to fellowshipping with them in due course."

Amen Amen Amen

Held in HIS hand!

Last screenshot in the thread. We will end with Patrick Byrne.
“The White House Counsel and his team”.
Well I did write in “Fragments” part 3 that it had to be lawyers….. but for what purpose and was the leaked content accurate?
Isn’t it also interesting that Kash Patel has stated this week that the White House Counsel failed to obey a Presidential directive in regards to declassified documents?


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The DOJ disagrees with SCOTUS. Very telling of where we are right now.

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