Fucking Sad ... AIDs!!!

Official UK Government data suggests Fully Vaccinated Brits will develop Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome by the end of February 2022
By The Exposé on January 9, 2022 • ( 9 Comments )

The latest UK Health Security Agency Vaccine Surveillance Report figures show that boosters massively accelerate immune system degradation and that most triple/double vaccinated people in the United Kingdom may develop a new […]


This is really Scary, but lines up with what the top Doctors and Experts say is happening here. Millions with self induced AIDS walking around now...

Connect the Dots... back to Fauci and Aids in the 80s/90's


And thus I am vindicated.

I called it the first time I heard "spike protein," as that is the distinguishing characteristic of AIDS


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Someone in Fedi posted this YouTube video several months ago. The Strecker Memorandum. Some serious coincidences here with all we know about C-19 now.

Also noticed Poso keeps posting on twitter the CEO of Pfizer is a veterinarian. This answers that as well.


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Wow - Great Video... I watched it on quick mode... I speed read Videos... sometimes...

Suicide my Ass below

According to The Strecker Group, Dr. Strecker's brother, Ted Strecker, was found shot to death alone in his home in Springfield, Missouri, an apparent suicide, on August 11, 1988. In the past he suffered from depression and monumental frustration at the relative lack of interest in his findings.

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Ted had been working with Robert to uncover evidence linking the DOD to the development of HIV. Ted is credited, along with Black military officer, Zears Miles, for having discovered and distributed the evidence.

However, Robert spoke with Ted the night before his death. He seemed cheerful - "in good spirits," - looking forward to new developments that promised progress. The following day he was found dead. His 22-caliber rifle lay next to

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him. He left no note, no message, and he said no goodbyes. This was very untypical of him.

Officially the death was ruled a suicide.

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I looked int Dr Strecker a little after watching this video series. Apparently he was vilified initially, but over the decades more and more evidence has come out supporting his work. He died in 2018 I think, car accident. Coincidence, right before the release of C19? Would he have known right away? Maybe unrelated of course.

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Make sure to watch all 6 parts.

After spending the last 6-8 months researching C19 and these shots, it was really a tough pill to swallow for me to think anyone would purpose poison while swaths of the population with an incurable disease. The recovering conspiracy theorist on me just couldn’t let myself believe.

After watching The Strecker Memorandum, it sure seems like this isn’t the first time.

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Look at this still i just grabbed from part 5 VITAMINS!!!!!

lol I'm listening to three of them at same time...

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lol - I Listen to key words and then click fast ... I process later.. lol... but its why I make mistakes too....

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There are so many similarities here, it’s making it hard to believe that both are not the work of the same people.

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How old was he when he died?

Transportation accidents are the easiest way to kill someone .... lot more prevalent than people think..... I know the data..

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it was and scary thing is now the past 2 years with all we have learned about the Virus, I actually understood-most of it...

Dr. Malone has to have known him - the MNRA connection...

Malone Turned on the whole Fucking lot of them, they never expected it... now if they tried take him out... which they really cannot...

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I have 0 medical and high school science. Strecker does such a good job explaining, I was able to understand almost all of it the first watch.

The whole thing is mind blowing.

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