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“Contradictions do not exist. Whenever you think that you are facing a contradiction, check your premises. You will find that one of them is wrong.”

-Ayn Rand

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'The General Milley Fanfiction'

A well known disinformation agent and outright fiction author has excreted yet another book, due out next Tuesday. ‘Peril’ is the third installment in a series of Washington DC fantasy books by Bob Woodward, and the first to be coauthored with WaPo political reporter Robert Costa.

WaPo, the NYT, and CNN were all given advanced copies of the book. On Tuesday of this week, during the middle of Secretary Anthony Blinken being...


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I look forward to reading these reflections.

The collapse of neo-liberal project, happening in real time, is due mainly to the exhausted bid of the progressive era to replace God with a benevolent municipal entity.

One cannot overlook these spiritual drives when making a survey of socio-political thought.

@justhuman All my experiences were a prelude to my journey with God, that I only became conscious of ten years ago.

So important, like you said, to face whatever is coming up.

New-age thinking messes people up because it gives the darkness more power than it is due by so heavily emphasizing the positive as a distraction.

Don't let a fear of deep water keep you from realizing you are water

This makes no sense to me.

State Attorneys General have no standing with respect to elections, except for that which is delegated to them by the legislature. Unless a state legislature has specifically instructed an AG to file with SCOTUS, then I believe Mike’s big lawsuit will get bounced like all the rest.

More strategic deception? A component of a larger plan?

I don’t know.



Not a chance. We'll never give up, never give in. Even if DJT himself were not able to take the lead, the cause would endure and new leaders emerge. Make America Great Again.


This is the craziest thing I’ve heard lately. I’m not doubting it’s a possibility and honestly no one deserves to be humiliated in this way more than him. At the same time I want to guard against the “fan fiction” the left is so prone to clinging too just because I despise a person. The left believes anything abt Trump bc they’ve swallowed the MSM narrative. Are we falling prey to the same game bc we despise that evil potato?

A rare NC-135W lining up to land at Majors Airport in TX. This 135, I believe, is the only NC to be flying. Perhaps it’s getting a new life testing new equipment from L3Harris inc., or just new equipment to continue real world operations.

Politico just figured out that emails from the Hunter laptop were real.

Some great comments from Glenn Greenwald.

The criminal conspiracies that Team has been investigating and are now prosecuting are massive and complex.

It helps to read break downs from various sources to get a good understanding of the players and their actions.

Here is another thread that does an excellent job of elucidating the criminals, their crimes the indictment.

Don't miss tonight's Devolution Power Hour at 10:30 EST!

Make sure you join the Spitballers chat group -

See you all tonight!


@nchia I'll never forget the time I noticed a bottle of water on sale at the corner store for $20. I did a double-take and then I brought it to the counter and asked the store owner how he could possibly sell a single bottle of water for that much money.

"Do people actually buy this? For twenty dollars?"

"All the time."


He shrugged, and gave a sly grin. "Because it's twenty dollars."

@HeyLiberty @HudsonJ1 @justhuman

"He that perverts the truth shall soon be incapable of knowing the true from the false. If you persist in wearing glasses that distort, everything will be distorted to you."--Charles Spurgeon

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