'The General Milley Fanfiction'

A well known disinformation agent and outright fiction author has excreted yet another book, due out next Tuesday. ‘Peril’ is the third installment in a series of Washington DC fantasy books by Bob Woodward, and the first to be coauthored with WaPo political reporter Robert Costa.

WaPo, the NYT, and CNN were all given advanced copies of the book. On Tuesday of this week, during the middle of Secretary Anthony Blinken being...


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...destroyed in front of the Senate Foreign relations Committee, all three dropped sensational stories detailing drastic, and if accurate, treasonous actions taken by General Milley between October 2020 and January 2021.

Now, I am of the belief that these stories, and this book, are full of fiction, fantasy, disinfo, misinfo, and a fair bit of MilDec. That doesn’t mean that there are not any truths or facts in them, though. I want to find them.


The Story

The narrative presented in the WaPo story and others, based upon advanced copies of ‘Peril’, is that General Milley, perceiving President Trump to be unhinged and unpredictable, made heroic moves between October 2020 and January 2021 to prevent a kinetic war, much worse a nuclear war, with China.

He contacted his CCP counterparts, he communicated with Speaker Pelosi, CIA Director Gina Haspel, and he conferenced with Pentagon officials and commanders in the Chain of Command...


...all in an effort to undermine President Trump’s ability to command an attack or start a war.

Of course, such moves are criminal, treasonous. They violate the Constitution and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. However, because Trump was so dangerous, in the view of the Mainstream Media and the Democrat Party, these moves were justified, even laudable.

That’s the General Milley Fanfiction. Milley is the Hero, Trump is the Villain



I am going to base this piece on this Washington Post story. The book is authored by associates of WaPo and I believe they were the first to drop an article about it.

My approach will be to isolate each claim in regards to General Milley to see if I can find any corroboration for them, one by one. I’ll be using contemporaneous pieces from between October 2020 through January 2021, as well as articles and reporting from this week, and statements from...


...President Donald J. Trump, SecDef Chris Miller, and Kash Patel.

After going through the claims, I will sum up the character arc of General Milley along with the general theme of the story.

This is going to get dense, so to help out anyone who prefers to have a quick read of it, I’ve placed a TLDR at the bottom of the article, that way you at least have to scroll past the research I did and can see that I did real work in the process of constructing that TLDR.


The Claims

First, lets hit the claims that are in the story.

Claim 1: Gen Milley and Gen Li had a phone conversation on Oct 30th, 2020.
Claim 2: Gen Milley assured Gen Li "that the US would not strike."
Claim 3: The phone call "was prompted by Milley's review of intel suggesting the Chinese believed the United States was preparing to attack."
Claim 4: Gen Milley "[pledged] he would alert his counterpart in the event of a U.S. attack." A treasonous offer.

That's the first phone call.


Like Woodward and Costa, Rogin here works for WaPo.

Here he is confirming that the first four claims that were in the WaPo story on the book 'Peril' are false.



Claim 5: Gen Milley and Gen Li had a phone conversation on January 8th, 2021.

Claim 6: This phone call took place because of "Chinese fears about the events of Jan. 6."

Claim 7: Gen Milley "did not relay the conversation to Trump."

That's the second phone call.


The two phone calls did happen, BUT they were not secret, they did not include any pledges, about fifteen people were in the room when the calls were occurring, the calls were "both conducted with the full knowledge of" SecDef Esper(first phone call) and SecDef Miller(second phone call).


Claim 8: Gen Milley and Speaker Pelosi had a phone call on Jan 8th, 2021.

Claim 9: In that phone call, they concurred with each other that "Trump was unstable."

That's the third phone call. It will come up again later.

This is not the first time this phone call between Pelosi and Milley has been reported. The Hill had this news on January 9th, 2021.

Check out what's in this article, it's like an echo of the fanfic Woodward and Costa present in their book.


Reading that article, I can’t help but see several places where it’s like Devolution is winking at us. Gives me a chuckle.


Claim 10: Milley called the Admiral over the Indo-Pacific Command and asked for military exercises to be postponed.

Claim 11: That Admiral complied.

At the time, Admiral Philip S. Davidson was over the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command. He’s now been replaced by Admiral John Aquilino. Both are very pro Taiwan and pro India. Both are fully aware of the threat CCP poses in the region and spoken about that that threat publicly.


Whether the exercise was postponed or not, I haven’t been able to confirm, but one did take place on or about January 25th, 2021. So... not much of a delay if it was delayed at all.


Claim 12: Milley met with senior officers and told them “that he, Milley, also had to be involved” in the launching of a nuclear weapons.

It’s completely false that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has to be involved in the launching of nuclear weapons, or the use of any force at all. In fact, he has no command authority whatsoever.

He, like the rest of the people who serve on the JCS, are strictly advisors.


Claim 13: CIA Dir Haspel told Milley “We are on the way to a right-wing coup.”

I do not believe this at all. Not at all. Without witnesses or a transcript, I cannot disprove it, though.

I am aware that there were many rumors going around DC and around internet forums during 2020 that Dir Haspel and Pres Trump were at odds with one another. I think it’s disinfo. Just look into her career, her relationship with Mike Pompeo, and her exit on Jan 19th, 2021 and decide for yourself.


Milley’s Character Arc

It’s at this point in the WaPo story that it begins to jump around. Staying focused only on the General Milley character’s timeline, he reappears after the topic of Afghanistan is brought up.

Then the piece jumps around some more, from August 2021 to January 2021 to June 1, 2020, and back again to January 2021. It gets quite convoluted, honestly.


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Could this be one of the main reasons PDJT fires Esper?


I think Trump fired Esper so that he could bring Chris Miller in. He needed Miller's unique capabilities for those final couple months of the first term.


I gaurantee you those Reps and Senators bashing him over it haven't read that book either.

And I know for a fact that those same Reps/Sens didn't take the other two books Woodward wrote about the Trump admin seriously. They laughed at them.

But for some reason, this one they take as factual.


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