Hey folks, I'm going to do a "Chill Stream" tonight at 9:30pm Eastern on Twitch.

Will be a great time to ask questions and chat.

Feel free to respond to this post or in my chat channel with questions or suggestions for topics. Positive vibes only please, no doom.

Chat link:

Twitch link:

Trump Team has announced a new social media. Looks to be the rumored app/site that we've been hearing about for months.

I'm underwhelmed on first impression, but may give it a chance.



I mentioned Andrade in my stream today, saying he was the biggest Venezuelan defendant in US custody UNTIL Alex Saab arrived.

And now, Andrade has gotten a 65% reduction in his sentence. πŸ‘€

Saab has spent 16 months fighting extradition to the US, and Maduro has pulled every trick and stunt he could think of to prevent Saab from being placed in US Custody.

Hopefully, after all that time in Cabo Verde, and now sitting in a cell in Broward County, Alex will be inclined to take the carrot.

My next Twitch stream will be tomorrow, 9:30am Eastern, and know what? I've got too much to talk about! Too many threads I want to pull on.

For sure there will be a short update on the USS Connecticut incident, and some news about China's economy.

There's also this Alex Saab extradition I've been digging into. Int'l Swamp Monster, top priority of Trump Admin, and Commies are calling it a 'kidnapping'.

See y'all in the AM for some coffee, research and chat!


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