Here's Reuters doing a "fact check" on the video clip. Good. Just about anything that gets a "fact check" by the MSM is worth taking a hard look at.

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@nchia Yes.

I couldnt download it off of CSPANs site but I found it on youtube and got it from there.


I had trouble getting it off of CSPAN's site. None of my downloaders worked and I didnt find another that I felt comfortable with. BUT I found that Milken Institute has the entire summit on their youtube page and got it from there.

@DuaneCates @Andre @BrianCates


Idk, worked for me just now.

It's not gonna let you play the video, but it will be proof that the video existed.



Check it's Timeline!

Brian on Telegram right now
Forwarded from DCDecoder: "They are admitting to forcing a fake pandemic in oder to subvert safety trials and allow themselves to do experimentation on the entire global population.
They are the Japanese imperialist scientists, the nazi doctors, the Soviet super soldier breeders. And they are doing it to all of us."

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@Andre @justhuman @BrianCates
This was by Trump & MAGA/MEGA to do MAXIMUM IMPACT to these fascistic Shitweasels.
Here is the actual Panel discussion held at the Milken Institute on OCTOBER 29th, 2019

If you can, download this conference FAST before it dissapears.

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โ€œThe previous Trump administration had made Saabโ€™s extradition a top priority, at one point even sending a Navy warship to the African archipelago to keep an eye on the captive.โ€


Don't typically see them out over water. Usually they are flying routes over the interior of the country.

They can talk to subs, though, and I suspect that is what is going on here.

There was a different E-6B over the Gulf yesterday.


Thank you!

Iโ€™ll have to do some digging to check the reliability of this site. Never heard of it.

They have an anonymous source, so I canโ€™t verify that, but I can dig and try to verify some parts of the story presented here.

โ€œThat sounds like communismโ€

A neighbor remarked at my latest crypto project.

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