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Link to my telegram channel:

Free Atlantis is my primary spot, I prefer it, but I'll be cross posting some things to telegram.

If the channel grows a bit, I'll make a chat for it as well.

Great thread from Fisher Ames makes some guesses on identities from the indictment.

Originator-1 AKA TeaLeaves = April Lorenzen
Researcher-1 = Manos Antonakakis
Researcher-2 = Dave Dagon
Agency-1 = DoD
University-1 = Georgia Tech


Looking back at a short thread from May 20, 2020.

This researcher seems to have guessed the names pretty accurately.

Elias worked super hard to make sure the 2020 election was 'fortified'. This is a big reason why.

The Fact that Sussman pled not guilty appears to be escaping notice. That means we are going to see many more indictments who will be fighting this. You don't indict if deals are still being made. Kevin Clinesmith pled out. This is the beginning of it all. Durham is done with the bulk of the investigation and he is moving forward NOW. It will not stop from here on out. Buckle up, the end of the silence is finally here. I hope you have your popcorn because we are about to start the main event


Biden blurts out the truth when you least expect it, and fact checkers (if only Biden could) get their knickers in a knot in trying to debunk them.

@DuaneCates @oystergirl @THEDodgerPrincess


I guess he is human... I wasn't sure.

Just goes to show... no matter how hard these elite types go at it... they all shit... & die like everyone else.

Though they act like they will never die... or reckon with anything.

Ah humanity...

Remember when Joe said "My butts been wiped."?

Anonymous report from /pol on 10/28/20

I think it is legit, but can't prove it ofc.

β€œBeing attacked is a sign that you are important enough to be a target.”

β€” Robert Greene, The 33 Strategies of War

@Tinyhouse4life @justhuman @watson Back in the day I was a fraud investigator for medical fraud. may not be the same but if evidence falls in the scope of your investigation then adds new avenues of criminality then that may then become part of the scope of the investigation. . if they show one thing lead to another then it all comes under that umbrella. i think that is why huber handed off to durham. the clintons open the door to so much more than just the fisa requests. its all one big web

@Andre @justhuman @DuaneCates I commented earlier and not that its earth shattering but looking closer at this picture I’m sure the Haitian grabbed the reins and by yanking them the right rein actually tore apart. A very dangerous situation for the agent & horse 😑

@justhuman @UptownGirl @Bryan @surferistic

"@Andre is just a NZ based troll btw."

A Mowrun. A Kreeetin. An Eeeedeeeeot!!

At a recent staff meeting we discussed the value of social media. Is it worth having or is it destructive? I was silent bc I have no social media presence on the major sites. But I kept thinking about FA & how very different our community is. It’s not filled with propaganda & algorithms trying to twist our minds & pit us against each other. We’ve had reasoned debates & batted ideas around. It’s like a family here, or at least a grp of people trying to build each other up, & I love it! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

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