I never thought I'd live to see the day when pedophilia was publicly promoted...yet here we are because the Presidency was stolen from President Trump and Evil now runs rampant! lenorathompsonwriter.com/beyon

Hi Friends, I know I haven't been online much recently. SO MUCH going on! We finally found a cheap, easy, non-invasive treatment for Michael's agonizing BACK PAIN. In fact, it may help a lot of you. All the details are in the comments below in today's article! lenorathompsonwriter.com/beyon

We stayed up all night to watch Queen Elizabeth's funeral. It was so beautiful and poignant, we're shaken to the core. Here's what I particularly noticed. lenorathompsonwriter.com/beyon

Medicare/BCBS has declined to cover the pain relief my husband, Michael, needs to ease the agony in his lower back that has robbed him of walking. I'm livid and NOT taking "No" for an answer. So...we're going to pay cash, required in full on the day of the procedure. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!!! givesendgo.com/painreliefformi

Let's pause to remember the Brave 13 murdered by Biden due to his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan one year ago today as well as Tyler, Kelsee and the others still fighting for recovery. (Updates here!) lenorathompsonwriter.com/newsandlinks.html

"They scare you to death so they can sell you something..." Patriots are using Fear Porn to get big $$$ from other Patriots! And there's absolutely no accountability! lenorathompsonwriter.com/beyon

Democrats are loudly proclaiming the Mar-a-Lago raid pushed them over the edge. They're voting Red in November and for President Trump in 2024, come Hell, high water or the FBI. lenorathompsonwriter.com/beyon

EXCERPT: "A lesser man persecuted as severely as President Trump would've thrown in the towel long ago...Thank God President Trump is made of sterner stuff than that.

He will not bend,
he will not break,
he will not yield ever, ever, ever.
He will never give in,
he will never give up,
and he will never, ever back down.
Because he is an American
and he kneels to God and God alone.
And it is time to start talking about greatness again."

Read whole article here: lenorathompsonwriter.com/beyon

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