We're all so focused on the trees, it's hard to see the forest. So I took a step back and compiled all the protests, worldwide, that have happened since Nov. 2020. Shocking! The entire World is red-pilled, we're sticking together and we WILL win! lenorathompsonwriter.com/beyon

Hi Patriots, What are your thoughts on these emails supposedly from Tucker Carlson to Hunter Biden. I wonder if they're real or not.

@lenorathompsonwriter Mike Lindell is one of President Trump's most loyal friends; he impresses the heck out of me the more I see of him.

It's okay to be fed up with Lin Wood

I was a big Lin Wood fan. BIG. I went to his event at a horse park in GA. I was very into it all. I'm in videos cheering the guy.

I gave money. I signed petitions.

There's a time to let go.

He appeals in a lot of ways. He has credibility due to his associations.

Not so sure anymore.

I'm pretty convinced I'm a total faggot that's been taken for a ride.

If LW is part of "the plan", we are not meant to understand.

Let's see. For now, he's sidelined.

Is this yet another complicated lie or could it be true??? (Why would Trump fly on any other private jet except his one!?! Epstein's jet is like a slum compared to Trump's!)

We have to face this. The FAA's "accidentally" leaked records AND Epstein's pilot both say Trump flew on the "Lolita Express." Thoughts???? Conservative news venues are not reporting this!

@lenorathompsonwriter @nchia

Wait till the variants start sounding like the names of sororities and fraternities when they get to the end of the alphabet. 😂

All the drama going on with Lin Wood, Patrick Byrne, Mike and Joe Flynn, Sidney Powell is very damaging.
Any democrat listening to this crap would never change their minds and become redpilled.
They would just think we're all nuts.
This stuff should remain private.
Stop it.

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