Excerpt: "The joy, the beauty, the unity, it was like nothing many of us have experienced before. It was like the best moments of every wedding and family gathering, every Canada Day and concert...all thrown into a non-stop three-week festival. It was a beautiful thing. It was incredible." lenorathompsonwriter.com/beyon

Excerpt: "Canadian and America patriots rushed into each other's arms like long lost siblings. With delight, they hugged, shook hands, snapped selfies and swapped flags. Perfect strangers bonded over their love of Liberty." lenorathompsonwriter.com/beyon

Well, that's weird! The American "Conservative" media *generously* covered the Freedom Convoy to Ottawa...but they're *ignoring* The People's here in America. Patriots assume it's dead because they never hear about it. Actually, it's growing and kicking a$$!!! lenorathompsonwriter.com/beyon

Canada's Freedom Convoy & America's People's Convoy have released their FIRST joint press release! And while Canada was protesting Bill Gates in Vancouver on Sunday, the US was rallying in Los Angeles. lenorathompsonwriter.com/beyon

The MSM/Legacy Media is lying to you about the quick round-trip to California The People's is taking this week. No, our Convoy hasn't "fizzled" or "failed" or "packed it in." Actually, they're going on the offensive. Does the media even realize that Convoys can roll and highways work both ways!?! LOL lenorathompsonwriter.com/beyon

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