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#2 The global economy is collapsing like a house of wet cards in a hurricane. It was built by fraudsters who strip mined their national economies like locusts in order to enrich the bankers and multinational corporations. Once that scam blows off, it'll be 2008 all over again, but this time without governments having anything other than hyper-inflated currencies to float us over it.

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promised our citizens. We are too stupid to maintain prosperity. The looming recession is necessary to knock some common sense into our people. Most people can't be educated to understand anything beyond the present moment. They have to be slapped around by reality to "get" it.

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#1 The United States is just bodaciously stupid in so many ways: Giving away the lion's share of industry to China, thereby requiring us to print inflationary dollars to import what we need; decriminalizing the burning and looting of our cities as "peaceable politics" from the Left, while criminalizing the peaceable politics of the Right; opening the border to millions of indigent foreigners who will be on welfare, at a time when we are $35 trillion in debt paying for the welfare

Fentanyl is a much bigger threat to our population than the ownership of firearms.

Is fentanyl allowed to persist to kill off extras in the population? Nothing has been done, is rarely reported, and continues to reign.

Now picture if tens of thousands were shipped to Martha's Vineyard.

Based on the charts it does not look like gold is an inflation hedge. So in todays world, what is the inflation hedge? used cars???

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What is the purpose of lifting student loan debt? Is it to lift this debt off the balance sheet, so it can be replaced with more debt or money printing? I want to understand the economic aspects in relation to the reasoning and not a political view (e.g. buying votes). there has to be some type of economic aspect in the reasoning to do so. If someone could explain then please do so. Thanks.

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