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Remember the sycophantic worship of Obama back in the day?

This was real and not satire.

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The left finally started paying attention to legal matters after over a year of renewed Obama-style lawlessness.

I think they understand that Moore v. Harper ends much of their ability to rig the next election.

Ru roh!

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@shecky2000 @SnerkRabbledauber

That's lazy AF to assume it's racism. He's been using that bullshit for decades too, to not have to play by the same rules of media scrutiny.

I'm tired of white people treating 0bama like he's a Ming vase. They are too careful and overly deferential and considerate with him.

And it's wholly undeserved; 0bama is racist AF and hates white people and doesn't make any bones about it. I'd take the bet that he offed his grandmother, too.

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@pamby1 @C9_stotte @Andre

Kombucha Andrew Brown Jr-Jackson will be on the losing side of many SCOTUS decisions for years to come.

I have 1 border row to go to complete the afghan I'm making for my daughter. Her birthday (49) is tomorrow, July 1.

Crochet posture is killing my back.

I'd rather be mowing.

Anyway I'm heading to bed to complete it while scanning Rumble for some MAGA content.

May God bless us all in our MAGA endeavors.

Love you all. Goodnight.

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Drop the bastards out the back of a C-5 Galaxy into the hills of Afganistan; no water, no weapons. Let the Taliban and Al-Qaeda have them for fun & games.

Bye bye bastards! Enjoy the ride.

Stryker 60K airdrop

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@SnerkRabbledauber @shecky2000

Yes. 0bama consistently favors Islamic nations over the US, he wants to fundamentally change this country, he attended a church that is virulently anti-American until it became political baggage, his wife said she was first proud of this country just because he was elected, his passport and all college records are sealed, hiding he most likely was a foreign exchange student, and he was raised in Islam.

You don't leave Islam; but it's okay to lie that you have.

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I wonder what Motoaki Tanigo’s (aka YAGOO, CEO of Cover Corp and the one who created Hololive) methods are when choosing a talent. Some of the girls have admitted that they are just a few of thousands that have applied.

Not the best singers, dancers or even all that innocent (Kiryu Coco, former talent for Hololive destroyed that image freeing the talents to be more natural) but they’ve each grown in their own way.

I’d like to pick the man’s brain.

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We need asylums opened back up.
When actual diagnoses start up again, they'll be packed.

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Democratic Senators Manchin and Sinema WON'T back changing filibuster to codify abortion: Biden's plan to protect Roe in Congress looks dead in the water with moderates refusing to budge

Biden said he would support a filibuster carve-out to pass legislation protecting abortion rights

Manchin's and Sinema's offices told the president's comments did not change their positions

Let's get real here! Who is FU Biden taking orders from? Whose arm is up the FU Biden ass?

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I include myself in that group. I stumbled across it just recently while collecting thoughts about the failings of the Media to provide a check to bad government.

I new of Zero's comment about his Pen and Phone. I saw it as just a glaring example of his incredible arrogance!

But as far as for the process, that is just how business is conducted in Washington. FCC, EPA, FDA, ATF The list goes on an on. How was this flying under the radar?

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While Justice Thomas appears to be black, he clearly does not support President Biden.

Ergo, he ain't black.

Justice Thurgood Marshall is DEAD.

He CANNOT support Biden.

He cannot VOTE for Biden

Ergo, he ain't black.

Thus it is TRUE (in the French relativist sense of the word) that Brown is the first BLACK SCOTUS Justice.

And if you disagree, you ain't black either!


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