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We all are playing ourselves in this movie, Andre. The good, the bad and the ugly.

And we are repeating history. It is the second American Revolution.

Our Republic.....if we can keep it.

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I see maestro Trump behind the programming.

Humans are coded for stories. Americans are hardwired for comebacks and underdogs and USA #1.

It's why we love Karate Kid and Rocky and the US Olympic Hockey team.

This war is the continuation of centuries of conflict as satan rages against G-d.

We're living in prophesy, tyranny, science fiction and an action thriller at once.

G-d give Trump, and us, strength to endure to the end.

We give G-d the Glory as He vanquishes evil for us.

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@malokvale77 @shecky2000
😅 I'm all for a youthful appearance but that's almost creepy given that Biden likes little girls.

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Do you find it interesting that this message is not being implanted in the MSM narrative at all.

The TtV psychological warfare specialist have taken a different route.

WE are the channel.

@PatelPatriot @BrianCates @pgunnels and other citizen journalists are the channel.

New media like Epoch Times, etc., are the Channel.

TRUTH is the channel.

Trump and his team of psychological warfare wizards have utterly bypassed the media and are using MAGA to get the job done.

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Need prayers for my mother again today, she's had a headache the last five days that hasn't gone away, and she's complained about her breast and side hurting.

Thanks in advance. 🙏

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They want to start a civil war, and BLAME US for it.

Because we WILL NOT COMPLY with their demand for violence.

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I should add...

They have been calling us terrorists for some years now...

But now... they are upping the ante...

Do you feel the frenzied desperation of these bad people?

I do.

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"Climate crisis." They can't even make up their minds what it's doing ... warming, cooling ...
And they've been shoveling this crap for decades.
Meanwhile, the "big boys" pushing it are buying ocean front properties ...

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