People are dropping like flies around me, catching Omicron right and left. Interesting thing is symptoms seem to come on rapidly. You feel fine and then BAM you don’t. But they clear rapidly too, usually 36 hrs to marked improvement.

People freaking “this virus is raging through the population” & I’m all BRING IT ON! Let’s get herd immunity so y'all can stop panicking every second & we can go back to life!

IF this variant was manufactured & released, it really was the best Christmas present!


Each variant becomes more contagious, but a much less deadly mutation. The “Fear Monger” MSM branch of the Democrat Party is trying hard to scare “We the People” with the latest variant “Omnicrom.” FEAR NOT! For Never in the history of virology has a virus ever mutated to become more deadly. It will always be less lethal but more contagious. People who’ve had Covid19 have natural immunity. They have about 27 times more protection than any Covid Vax.

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