I hope he dies by choking on a turd from one of his quods. He just can't stop being a nasty man.

@DrFell @mimimayes I'm not like that. I'd recommend that he chew the turd 20 times to make sure it slides down his throat without any problems

@DrFell @agitatedman

What's up with "Don't tag me again!"

It's not like he's being tagged by hundreds of ppl all day long. 😂

It's psychological abuse... the guy probably had no intentions of ever tagging him. It's a head game he plays with them. he thinks he's getting out in front of something

@mimimayes @DrFell @agitatedman

He doesn't even have a hundred daily users.

Reminds me of the grouchy hermit who wants someone to visit but when he gets a visitor, all he does is complain about being bothered and tosses them out as quickly as possible.

@mimimayes is Sausage Malbec on FreeAtlantis, yet? I heard QV was a wasteland. The Sausage, a rapper, she Ugly, scary stalker wombat and his alter accts.are all that’s left. I can’t imagine why. His “living room” was so warm & welcoming. 😂😐😑

@CDuBois @mimimayes Ah Man!!
I should have said “drug selling Rapper”!!

@CDuBois @PeachyGrits @mimimayes

Sorry to jump in, but WOW! i had forgotten about the pharmacist. That place became the island of misfit toys.

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