@mlsk8r You know, all of this will eventually simmer down & these companies will have no more customers. 🙄

@mlsk8r Keep doing this! It's VERY effective and rewarding.

Don't limit yourself to abortion. Divorce every leftist company.

Finally cancelled my Chase credit card. Should've done it sooner, but was lazy. After their announcement that they'll pay for their workers to travel for abortion, fuck them! I knew they were like this already, but today was the final straw. Chase = Cancelled! I no longer do any business with them. And I will cancel the other business that announce the same BS.

Jordan Sather

Big L today for organ traffickers and pharmaceutical companies that use aborted fetus parts to formulate their products.

It got so bad that many gov officials tried to have Rasputin assassinated. Eventually they succeeded. But it was too late.

The gov was crumbling and the monarchy fell. Didn't matter to the queen or Rasputin that these appointed people had not qualifications and were crazy. They were friends of Rasputin. That's all.

Some interesting parallels to the current installed regime and the crazies they're listening too and appointing to positions of influence and authority.


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I was doing a little quick reading last night about Rasputin and the Russian royal family that kept him as an advisor and confidant.

It appears that the queen really took a liking to him. After her husband left to be on the war front (WWI), she took Rasputin's advice on many subjects including government. She/Rasputin appointed many conmen and crazies into important gov positions. The government began to collapse due to incompetency. People hatted Rasputin for it and the gov.

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