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And if someone wants to bloviate differently, because they believe Thomas is wrong, no one is stopping you from starting your own goddam bloviating uTewb channel and put your points through.

Maybe you will get almost 62000 followers as well, because you are funny, interesting and inspiring.

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This is a very informative document, particularly if you are a US citizen.
Specifically, read from pages (approximately) 600 onwards.
You're welcome.

Hormone blockers, butchering reproduction organs, abortions, same sex sex, ugly as fuck, vegan diet...

Doesn't look like the Leftard voter base will increase, any day soon.

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As we approach the midterms, lets do a quick tally on the Left and what they have openly supported over the last 2 years:

-Slaughtering children
-Grooming children
-Indoctrinating children
-Raping children
-Arming Nazi military forces in Ukraine
-Forced medical experimentation
-Orwellian censorship
-Brainwashing and propaganda
-Racism against white culture
-Sexism against men
-War or Heterosexuality (Normality)

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Troll the fuck out of them today.

This is the day that the Lord has made.

Dated at around 500-700 AD and you can have a look at it at the Swedish State History Museum in Stockholm.

Most likely brought from exotic countries to present day Russia, where a Viking got a hold of it.

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On another note: things to reflect over!

This little figurine was found in 1954, at an archaeological dig-out of a viking settlement, in Sweden.

Like more loot at the site, it was just "lying about" and not attached to any graves or similar.

Just how far did the Swedes drag their flat bottomed boats, along rivers and land across the continent? Or, did someone bring it with them, from far away lands?

"Helgö buddhan"

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The false attacks of rape and sexual assault during his confirmation were just a precursor to the current threat to his life - and the lives of his wife and young daughters - by an armed leftist ready to die for abortion rights and gun control.

Then there’s Chief Justice John Roberts. He didn’t join his colleagues in the opinion, and instead concurred in the judgment. He argued the right to abortion, and whether to overturn Roe, should have been left for another time:

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No explanation yet. Not alot of info on news here in IL so makes this even more suspicious.
What the hell was in the backpack? He must have been driving with it on so sure sounds sus.
He was dressed in black head to toe.
Social media depicts him as a white body builder.
Wonder if he was a recent Islamic convert because the tactics look similar to other attacks.

Does anyone have any info about what this guy was after? Terrorist?

The officer said that "he might have a bomb" but jeeeez! If I was the guy in the black car, I would have shat my pants and informed the officer that I will move to a safe spot.
I guess, after the shots fired, a bomb would have gone off already.
Where are those incinerator slugs when you need them, hey?

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Rawhide is good just cuz Clint. Wanted Dead or Alive Steve McQueen hell yes

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So yesterday we had friends over to swim followed by standing rib roast, marinated balsamic, soy, sherry, garlic asparagus, baked potatoes and then for dessert, I made banana bread and we shared six scoops of homemade ice cream. We had lemon cookie, key lime pie, cookies and cream, toasted coconut, butter pecan and strawberry. This ice cream shop opened up about 10 min walking distance. Good thing I was walking. Here’s the roast and a link to the balsamic marinade.

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Directing hundreds of years worth of globalist "elite" agendas down the drain is not done in a jiffy, folks!

Don't we know it!

Despite tragedies, things are going in the right direction. Spare yourself, be patient, strutt your stuff and do your bit, however small.

Take care of yourself! All is well. Or... most is well. For me, it is, and for that I am deeply grateful 🙏🏻


I bet you are having an incredibly happy birthday, Mr President!



Systembolaget is never open past 6PM.
Hence the long lines. People often have to take time off work, to be able to get a bottle of plonk. You really have to put your alcohol purchases in the planner!

Also, the prices can be kept down due to a zero profit policy, despite that the taxes on alcohol are sky high.

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A socialist, nanny state, shithole in a nutshell.

It pains me to see how my country is now a lost cause, since the Bernadottes took over.

Don't be like Sweden. Keep the Leftards at bay.


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Here, the website informs you that they don't do advertising or special deals. It's so that you must not get tempted to buy more than you actually need, or get "enticed" to go to Systembolaget willy-nilly. 😂 True story.

Oh, my, how responsible of them. And Sweden still have a worse alcoholics problem than most other countries.

That's Sweden, in this modern day, folks.

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