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You will hear a lot about ADE this winter, "Antibody Dependent Enhancement." Dr. Ryan Cole explains what it is in 2 mins. Check out the video in this Twitter post. I don't know the FA bandwidth, would you rather I post the video itself (which I can DL from Twitter) or just a link to the video?

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The suit is being filed tomorrow. Let us pray for victory for every federal agency.

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The purpose was to emphasize:

1) We were warned 30, 20, & 10 yrs ago about the infiltration... it will not be resolved in 12 months.

2) Those who provided LEGIT warnings were purged (ex- Stephen Coughlin & Rich Higgins). Where were the “queue” warnings 20+ yrs ago?

3) We’ve been disoriented for a reason and under-responding to current events

4) We’re not going to be “saved” by rhino politicians (aka-the controlled opposition)

5) When we decide to stop complying, it ends.

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Okay La Palma Volcano watchers, the video (in linked tweet) shows the earthquakes under the volcano over the last few weeks. It's incredible. From INVOLCAN on Twitter. It's from the Canary Islands Volcano Institute.

READ THE COMMENTS under the tweet. There is a difference of opinion regarding what will happen next.

From the author's Twitter. I just read that she is an Oakland public school teacher.

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This article is well worth perusing. The author, a young woman named Alex Gutentag, hits the points I use when I argue with my lib friends about mandates. Facts like: C-19 has an animal reservoir and it mutates quickly, which makes it like the flu and *not* like smallpox/polio. Those two facets make it impossible to eradicate. Add on the fact that the shots are non-sterilizing and offer little protection against variants. And then the socio-economic issues...

Pretty sure the only director available for Kamala's "space kids" initiative clip works for the Hallmark Channel. 😬

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