@HeyLiberty I verified the guy really wrote that on Twitter, and it checks out. Here is his follow up tweet. (The tweet after this one, he said: I don't think I'll be on Twitter much longer.)

My relative is a politician in Nevada. I found out that he got prescriptions of HCQ for himself even though its use was banned for the masses. This was in March-April 2020.

This kind of info should put an end to the mandates and the theater.

@HeyLiberty Congress/Senate as a whole has been suspiciously well throughout the past 18 months.

@moonbeam sold their souls or rather ours to be safe. Nothing like a crew of cowards

@moonbeam @HeyLiberty

Some of these guys would have bought front row seats on Calvary.

@moonbeam @HeyLiberty May those that allowed others to die know only misery on this Earth

@moonbeam @HeyLiberty It's probably true although I'd think the number would be much higher. We're dealing with massive amounts of corruption.

@krabappel @moonbeam
I hear that. America’s Front Line Doctors and IFLCC I believe are the ones saying it though through Pierre Korre (sp?) not going back to check.

I wish they would name names. But at the same time they are giving medical privacy .

So idk. 🤷‍♀️
I think this is treasonous .

@HeyLiberty @moonbeam If it's true, it absolutely is. But we can't make accusations based on anonymous hearsay. Someone needs to be a real whistleblower and tell us the truth.

@moonbeam @HeyLiberty
They want to remain anonymous? String the cocksuckers up from the highest yardarm, anonymous my ass!

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