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Steal an apple, and you’re a thief.

Steal a kingdom, and you’re a statesman.

- Jafar (Aladdin 2019)

shellenbergermd on Twitter


Greta Thunberg said β€œI want you to panic” and nations did. They over-invested in unreliable weather-dependent energy sources & under-invested in reliable energy. Now, global energy shortages are forcing the poor to choose between food & electricity

LA teacher appalled to find that students are faking COVID results to avoid 'hassle'

[...] on more than one occasion, they've faked results for the COVID tests they are required to take each week.
"They do this by converting the PDF of their results to a Word document and then changing the dates," Heaney said, describing the process. "When I asked why, one student just shrugged and said, 'It’s less of a hassle.'"

Ha ha, morning, @KarePatriot!

I didn't want to reply to your "Gag me" reply! πŸ˜†

$cience wins!!


Lancet COVID Origins Investigator Wins $1 Million Chinese Prize For Claiming Virus Developed Naturally.

-Pennsylvania - Approval 41%; Disapproval 51%. Note: Sen. Mastriano is considering a run for governor.

Note: I'll breakdown Virginia 2021 and give my 2022 Midterm Projections at my seminar, Civics Maximus 301, this Friday-Saturday at 7PM. DM RoxieBalboa to get a seat.

Meanwhile, turn on alerts and stay tuned. 😎



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-Maine - Approval 45%; Disapproval 48% (Watch ME-02 closely. That House seat is in play).

-Michigan - Approval 43%; Disapproval 50% (Craig v the Wicked Witch is going to be a race I follow closely).

-Nevada - Approval 45%; Disapproval 47%.

-New Hampshire - Approval 48%; Disapproval 45%. But the key here is going to be Gov. Sununu. If he runs for the Senate, the GOP will flip that seat, no problem. Pray he runs.


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ICYMI Maximus_4EVR


FYI His Fraudlency Update 2

-New battleground state polling shows Biden and Dems losing blue/purple states.


-Arizona - Approval 41%; Disapproval 53%. (Kelly internals show him underwater too).

-Colorado - Approval 44%; Disapproval 48%.

-Florida - Approval 41%; Disapproval 52%.

-Georgia - Approval 40%; Disapproval 52%. (Warnock is in trouble, according to friends πŸ˜‰).


I've been saying for weeks: watch Virginia.

I'll discuss all of this on October 22nd-23rd at my seminar Civics Maximus 301: Trumpism v Conservatism. Contact @RoxieBalboa to enroll.

Hold onto your butts. 😬


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-My take: It appears Suburbia is returning to the GOP. Why? Two-fold answer: 1) McAuliffe has really angered parents; mama bears especially, and 2) the Biden Affect. Everything he touches turns to sh*t.

Regardless, Dems cannot win races where they're statistically tied - or only marginally ahead - among women. These numbers suggest a major upset is in the works.

-Oh, and one more data point. Ahem...Biden's VA Approval is 43%; Disapproval 52%.


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Per Monmouth: "Suburban women, especially in Northern Virginia, have been crucial to the sizable victories Democrats have enjoyed in the commonwealth since 2017." That appears to be ending now.

-Here's a kicker: In an internal poll, McAuliffe is only slightly ahead in the Dem stronghold of Loudoun County. If that's true, it's lights out - Biden won Loudoun by 25% in 2020. Anyone have any idea what's been going on in Loudoun the past few weeks? πŸ€”


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ICYMI Maximus_4VR on Telegram


FYI Virginia 2021 Update

-New Monmouth (Dem) poll has Youngkin now tied with McAuliffe 46%-46% among *Registered* voters (McAuliffe led by 5% in September).

-Where it gets interesting is Youngkin leads by 3% among *Likely* voters.

-The side tabs tell the tale though ~

Youngkin 48%
McAuliffe 39%....ouch!

-Suburban Women now support McAuliffe by 4% (but in September McAuliffe led by 14%).




Referencing my post above, lest ye forget, it was two time Obama voters in PA, MI, and WI who put Trump over the top by a total of 78,000 votes in those three states in 2016.

People change. Issues and attitudes about those issues change. We have to expand the tent.

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