BOOM goes the dynamite: The FDA advisory panel REJECTS Covid boosters for the general population
Scientists finally say enough is enough

Alex Berenson
Sep 17

Can’t see how the Food and Drug Administration can say yes after this (although technically it can).

Make no mistake, whatever happens next, this is a massive, massive hit for Uncle Joe and two-time Heisman winner Dr. Anthony S. Fauci.

And with no boosters, the vaccine failure will become more and more obvious in a matter of weeks.

@GetsGreased @icare4america @janis @CDuBois @Bleukitty @Andre @Flectere @justhuman @justgail @LoveAlmonds @watson You want to know WHY they rejected it? Check out this screen shot. Will be pulling more if I can but will definitely be sharing part of the livestream.

@GetsGreased @icare4america @janis @CDuBois @Bleukitty @Andre @Flectere @justhuman @LoveAlmonds @watson @NurseRatched tying you into a thread we have going. TONS of stark facts shared at that committee meeting. Bet they wished they did not put it up on youtube so watch while you can.

@NurseRatched @oystergirl @icare4america @janis @CDuBois @Bleukitty @Andre @Flectere @justhuman @LoveAlmonds @watson



"Protection by most vaccines is through rapid deployment of immune system by activation of immune memory by invading Pathogen"

"No base-line data for Covid-19 vaccines from controlled clinical trials providing protection against infection"

"Clinical trials - Not designed to evaluate vaccines to provide against infection"

@NurseRatched @oystergirl @icare4america @janis @CDuBois @Bleukitty @Andre @Flectere @justhuman @LoveAlmonds @watson



"Pathogens with rapidly evolving mutants have a risk of 'Original Antigenic Sin"

- Antibodies are made, which get boosted after booster doses with immune memory

- Vaccination with a new strain or INFECTION with a new strain will HIJACK the immune system with response targeting ORIGINAL strain & NOT new one.

@NurseRatched @oystergirl @icare4america @janis @CDuBois @Bleukitty @Andre @Flectere @justhuman @LoveAlmonds @watson


- No protection against new variant after infection or vaccination to original variant

(Risk is that boosters will be ineffective against new variants, but hijack the immune system to target original variant spike injected into body with booster worsening infection of new unrecognized variant if infected by one)

@NurseRatched And The Ogre and the pseudo pharmacist on the other site pushed people who didn’t want to get vaxxed or already had immunity to get vaxxed. OMG.

@GetsGreased @oystergirl @icare4america @janis @CDuBois @Bleukitty @Andre @Flectere @justhuman @LoveAlmonds @watson

Lololololololol...This fat BastardπŸ‘‡ maskless and vaccinated. Probably caught some or gave some Covid this particular evening...while eating his half of the cow.πŸ˜‚

@GetsGreased @oystergirl @icare4america @janis @CDuBois @Bleukitty @Andre @Flectere @justhuman @LoveAlmonds @watson

@NurseRatched It’s a sin for him to have been so deceitful, hateful, spiteful, vindictive, etc.
BUT, he was good for something. He brought us all together and it’s a blessing we have FA. HUGS to its creators! 😘😘😘

@GetsGreased @oystergirl @icare4america @janis @CDuBois @Bleukitty @Andre @Flectere @justhuman @LoveAlmonds @watson


@Bakerfiend @NurseRatched @GetsGreased @icare4america @janis @CDuBois @Bleukitty @Andre @Flectere @justhuman @LoveAlmonds @watson @FreyjaFrija Dropping this here. This is the breakdown in Israel. Remember vaccinated means more than 2 shots. They are on their fourth right now pretty sure. These numbers are horrific and look really bad in middle age groups not just elderly. They are fucked.

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I'm not sure how they are counting the elderly deaths (aged affects) it is so sad to see so many, so young passing...πŸ˜’πŸ’”

@Bakerfiend @NurseRatched @GetsGreased @icare4america @janis @CDuBois @Andre @Flectere @justhuman @LoveAlmonds @watson @FreyjaFrija

@Bleukitty Souls that have screwed up their chances to seek redemption and participate in such nefarious activities may be obliterated by the Creator.

@oystergirl @NurseRatched @GetsGreased @icare4america @janis @CDuBois @Andre @Flectere @justhuman @LoveAlmonds @watson @FreyjaFrija


Dante imagined very special inner circles of hell for these kinds of people.

@Andre Andre, it is one of my very favorite books. I see a reckoning coming especially with hospitals, who know better than to shame and dismiss their science/health-oriented employees with unemployment. What will happen to all those that get severely affected by the vaccine? Who will be there for them if there is no viable staff. This concerns me. That’s why I’ve had discussions with other RN friends about pitching in to help those in need.

@Bakerfiend @Andre
There's definitely an "economy" of sorts at work here. Once the cost of conformity exceeds the benefits, it's over.


What a book. Graphic, and compelling.

The nine levels have been crossing my mind pretty regularly these past couple of years.


@Bakerfiend The wolf and the lion cannot feel pity for the gazelles, or they would never eat. Those who are conscious of the facts of the situation we find ourselves in or contributed to it deserve NO COMPASSION. They must be brought to justice and right swiftly. @Bleukitty @NurseRatched @GetsGreased @icare4america @janis @CDuBois @Andre @Flectere @justhuman @LoveAlmonds @watson @FreyjaFrija

@oystergirl @Bakerfiend @Bleukitty @NurseRatched @GetsGreased @icare4america @CDuBois @Andre @Flectere @justhuman @LoveAlmonds @watson @FreyjaFrija

If not, they'll do it again. And worse the next time. Just like Fauci wasn't held to account for his AIDS misdeeds and here we are.

@jmc464 @janis @oystergirl @Bakerfiend @Bleukitty @NurseRatched @icare4america @CDuBois @Andre @Flectere @justhuman @LoveAlmonds @watson @FreyjaFrija

Look at the world.

Were they stopped?

Which nation in the world is among the first & most hardest hit by the vaccine so far?

What techniques are we witnessing exploiting fear in a group & spreading lies through propaganda?

The parallels are impossible to ignore.

@Bleukitty @Bakerfiend @NurseRatched @GetsGreased @icare4america @janis @CDuBois @Andre @Flectere @justhuman @LoveAlmonds @watson @FreyjaFrija @JesseStone Dropping this recent Substack article. Why isn't anyone talking about Sweden? Extremely telling. All countries with higher death rates have followed the Fauci plan. Disgusting.

@oystergirl @Bakerfiend @NurseRatched @GetsGreased @icare4america @janis @CDuBois @Bleukitty @Andre @Flectere @justhuman @LoveAlmonds @watson @FreyjaFrija

Add to that the studies now being done to determine the effects of the vaccine on menstrual cycles and testicles and voila! population control.

@Bleukitty Please keep praying for all who experience side effects. May G-d have mercy and give them a complete and perfect healing. Amen

@Phil @VillaCupa @oystergirl @NurseRatched @GetsGreased @icare4america @janis @CDuBois @Andre @Flectere @justhuman @LoveAlmonds @watson @FreyjaFrija

@CDuBois @Bleukitty @Phil @VillaCupa @oystergirl @Bakerfiend @NurseRatched @GetsGreased @icare4america @Andre @Flectere @justhuman @LoveAlmonds @watson @FreyjaFrija
That is my greatest concern as well, CeCe. That future generations will not have the chance to grow and thrive as God intended.
Or that there WILL be future generations of Americans.

@janis @CDuBois @Bleukitty @Phil @VillaCupa @oystergirl @Bakerfiend @NurseRatched @GetsGreased @Andre @Flectere @justhuman @LoveAlmonds @watson @FreyjaFrija

In 3 1/2 years Americans will be amazed at what President Trump does to Fix the country... That will truly be a warp speed program to fix America...

@VillaCupa @icare4america @CDuBois @Bleukitty @Phil @oystergirl @Bakerfiend @NurseRatched @GetsGreased @Andre @Flectere @justhuman @LoveAlmonds @watson @FreyjaFrija

Has to be. We've all paid our dues. Lordy, the ones who died, the ones injured, the businesses ruined, the freedoms lost....

It's mind-boggling what all this has cost the world.

@janis @VillaCupa @icare4america @Bleukitty @Phil @oystergirl @Bakerfiend @NurseRatched @GetsGreased @Andre @Flectere @justhuman @LoveAlmonds @watson @FreyjaFrija

Remember all, set you phone alarms for 8p.m. Central every night. We all bow our heads, wherever we are, and pray for America.

@janis There will be. Come on kids. Spirit WILL FIND A WAY! Have FAITH!!! My two girls are reproductive age and neither got the vax! There is hope! @CDuBois @Bleukitty @Phil @VillaCupa @Bakerfiend @NurseRatched @GetsGreased @icare4america @Andre @Flectere @justhuman @LoveAlmonds @watson @FreyjaFrija


We're now getting REAL CLEAR on who/what/where needs cleaned out.

These evil a-holes have lied to us, stolen our money for wars where our best and brightest served & many died. They've created a "medical industry" where patient & doctor are names on a screen. The system is rotten.

Now they KNOW we're onto them.

@janis @Bleukitty @Phil @VillaCupa @Bakerfiend @NurseRatched @GetsGreased @icare4america @Andre @Flectere @justhuman @LoveAlmonds @watson @FreyjaFrija

@Bleukitty Don't forget to combine Scrotal Pain! These assholes separated it out thinking a lot of people wouldn't know that word. What fucks!!! @Phil @VillaCupa @Bakerfiend @NurseRatched @GetsGreased @icare4america @janis @CDuBois @Andre @Flectere @justhuman @LoveAlmonds @watson @FreyjaFrija

@oystergirl @Bleukitty @VillaCupa @Bakerfiend @NurseRatched @GetsGreased @icare4america @janis @CDuBois @Andre @Flectere @justhuman @LoveAlmonds @watson @FreyjaFrija seems this vaccine is a major pain in the balls. Im so glad I didn't get it. Be hard to dodge the meat cleaver (she's chopping with it now) with grapefruits between my legs.

@Phil @oystergirl @Bleukitty @VillaCupa @Bakerfiend @NurseRatched @GetsGreased @icare4america @CDuBois @Andre @Flectere @justhuman @LoveAlmonds @watson @FreyjaFrija

Flaunt 'em if ya got 'em. And it's "Phil Friday" when you buy us all something shiny. Or at least something to drink.

@oystergirl @Phil @VillaCupa @Bakerfiend @NurseRatched @GetsGreased @icare4america @CDuBois @Bleukitty @Andre @Flectere @justhuman @LoveAlmonds @watson @FreyjaFrija
Yes, Phil, and the one who wins the Funniest thing of the Night, ponies up for drinks.

I like Canada Dry Diet Ginger Ale.

@nchia LOL thank you. I drink enough of it, you would think I would know how to spell it! 😜


The more you drink, the less likely! πŸ₯΄

We call it CabSav here.

@oystergirl @Bakerfiend @NurseRatched @icare4america @janis @CDuBois @Bleukitty @Andre @Flectere @justhuman @LoveAlmonds @watson @FreyjaFrija

For weeks the MSM has been shielding people from this reality. When they couldn't cover-up the case explosion in Israel they reported it, but continued to hide the growing death rate.

That RATE of deaths per day is increasing. As it is in the UK and as it is here in the U.S.

The vaccinated are in trouble & don't even know it.

@GetsGreased @oystergirl @Bakerfiend @NurseRatched @icare4america @janis @CDuBois @Bleukitty @Andre @Flectere @justhuman @LoveAlmonds @watson @FreyjaFrija

When the news broke today that the boosters shot were not approved Alex Berenson commented that it was BS and that they would be by at the most 2 months. I agree. I don't know if the Israel deaths chart shows the booster working but that could be 1 interpretation.

@GVRon @GetsGreased @oystergirl @Bakerfiend @NurseRatched @janis @CDuBois @Bleukitty @Andre @Flectere @justhuman @LoveAlmonds @watson @FreyjaFrija

But Senile Biden said they are available this coming Sept 20th... did they forget to tell him they are not? or will they just ignore the FDA??

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