The latest from Ethical Skeptic on the CDC data which points to massive endothelial damage post covid. It boils my blood. I was VERY lucky to have doctors who actually treated me correctly. This EUA is the WORST man made disaster in US history. Please share far and wide. @HunDriverWidow @Andre @Bleukitty @CDuBois @cully45 @icare4america @h53pilot @DrFell


He has been saying this for quite some time, lack of treatment killed/and or permanently damaged people's health.
This is a huge issue, as those seeking help for 💉injuries are being shunned by the medical industry. M fer's!

@HunDriverWidow @Andre @CDuBois @cully45 @icare4america @h53pilot @DrFell


I just posted this on Truth Social in the hopes that more people become aware of this!! One never knows who is reading Truth Social or where help may come from to expose these truths. I encourage everyone to join Truth Social; post stories you want as many people as possible here & around the world to read.

@oystergirl @Andre @CDuBois @cully45 @icare4america @h53pilot @DrFell

@Bleukitty Yes he has, but now the CDC is actually publishing studies on this stuff. It will eventually all come out and I hope everyone involved ROTS IN HELL for what they did to innocent people. @HunDriverWidow @Andre @CDuBois @cully45 @icare4america @h53pilot @DrFell

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