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So, I know of 3 patriots, off the top of my head, on fa who are facing potential job loss over their choice(or spouse's choice)to make their own medical decisions and need prayer: @as2 , @Luther , @SomeLadyinVA . I invite other to join me in covering them in prayer. Please forgive me if I've not included someone on this list who needs prayer. Please let me know if you want to be added.

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@Blackbirdearth posted a podcast about the end of the petro dollar. I found this article saying the same thing. I dont understand ALL of the implications of this, but I think it's a big deal. From what I understand, and I invite correction and input, this could bankrupt our federal govt but return us to strong states. I just want to know how to prepare.

Hundreds of workers in Greenville, South Carolina walk out in protest of vaccine mandates.
General Electric and Lockheed Martin both notified employees in Greenville that they must be vaccinated by December 8th.
Biden's vaccine mandate has yet to be approved by OSHA.

Donald J. Trump

The insurrection took place on November 3, Election Day. January 6 was the Protest!

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As to AZ doing the right thing, perhaps the coming election in VA will give them the cojones to do it.
Don't much care for Youngkin, but he's worlds better than McAuliffe and defeating someone like McAuliffe at this point- so early in the Biden regime's takeover-- would really drive the point home that it's way past time to get this party started and decertify.

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Well said Pam.... I think a lot here having been doing a good job of promoting FA. It helps if you are on other SM and throw a msg or invite up on those platforms. Word of mouth still works well and best, some say 60% effective still in advertising world.

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And, as Andre would point out, for MEGA as well. Just imagine all those in other countries who will greet this so eagerly. And how desperately so many countries will do their best to ban/censor it for that very reason.
Truth will set you free. He did such a good job of naming his project!

Hey folks, I'm going to do a "Chill Stream" tonight at 9:30pm Eastern on Twitch.

Will be a great time to ask questions and chat.

Feel free to respond to this post or in my chat channel with questions or suggestions for topics. Positive vibes only please, no doom.

Chat link:

Twitch link:

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This is a community of good people, creative people, people who take the time to reach out and lift up those who need it, laugh with each other-- and at each other.(@Dr.Phil)
It is a community that needs to continue regardless of whatever other platforms come online.
The existence of big cities just makes small towns more valuable for their immediacy.

Hello again! Good to see you are all well, across the pond! <3
I will post some British stuff shortly.

@pamby1 @janis @KarePatriot @LeaTXlrp Yes, with Trump personally on the platform, that would make the difference.

@itztheschnitz @pamby1 @KarePatriot @LeaTXlrp
I don't think that Trump would put his name on anything that would end up to be a GAB, Parler, etc.
He means for it to succeed and, unless I miss my guess, replace media from Twitter to MSM.
What a refreshing thing it would be to turn on the news at the end of the day and actually hear real truth being spoken about the day's events!
Poor Tater-- he can't pull a decent rating at this point already. Just imagine what it will be like in 6 months...

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It's not exactly the same thing, not nearly as important as giving your life to Christ, but when I became a conservative back in 2001, it was such a huge relief!
No more trying to force square pegs into round holes and telling myself that, if it wouldn't fit, it was because I wasn't trying hard enough.
Seeing things through clear eyes is such a huge, huge gift.

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