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Who here has painted kitchen cabinets? What's the best way to do it?

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Hello FAmily!

We're home.😁 I praise God for a very enjoyable & safe trip.🙌

We left IN on 3/16 @ about 11pm & arrived in Biloxi, MS @ about 2pm on 3/17 after about 15 hrs on the road. I love roadtrips, but starting out @ night is not my favorite. It's just so tiring & there's nothing to see! Lol. Nevertheless, it was a safe, uneventful drive so for that I'm grateful.😊

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We all know.
Joe Biden is not our President.
No time like this has ever occurred.
There are many pieces moving.
We get glimpses and suddenly latch on.
Then another glimmer.

That is when you go to your core.
The place where you and you alone FEEL the truth.

It’s not that hard.
What resonates with you?
That is how you know.

Everything about you is being called into question by those who do not have your best interests in mind.

No one knows you.
But you.
Must fight

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When I was a kid... I LOVED to roller-skate!

On a Sunday afternoon...we used to go to Golden Gate Park in SF and skate with the funkiest... coolest cats ever!

Now, these cats are wayyyyyyyy cool...


I like your style.
Liz Cheney will reappear after her devastating defeat.
Under what circumstances and in what form, I cannot say.
All I will venture is, it will be dark.
It will be dishonest.
It will be in the guise of a PAC.
It will be against the vital interests of this country.

Finally, it will suit her perfectly.

After watching Wyoming candidate Harriet Hageman speaking to the Trump rally today, I was very, very, very impressed.
So much so that I posted this to Liz Cheney's facebook page.....

"I had the great honor of listening to candidate Hageman's litany of the things she is fed up with today.
What a wonderful congresswoman she'll be.
She has more patriotism in her pinkie finger than you have in your entire, sad being, Ms. Cheney.
You should actually withdraw and support her!"

@PitchforkPatriot @LoveAlmonds @Lois @sjc @pamby1 @CDuBois @HeyLiberty @1031


- Numbers 22-23 (Balak and Balaam, and his speaking donkey)

- 2 Kings 13-14 (Death of Elisha. Approaching the time of the prophets Isaiah and Jonah)

- Psalm 97-98 ("The LORD reigns, let the earth rejoice")

- Ezekiel 16-17 (God condemns Judah for wickedness and idolatry)

- 1 Corinthians 6-7 ("you have been bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body")

God Bless. ✝️

He was juiced up on patriotism
Determined and unrelenting
Angry at what they've done.

it is, unbearable to observe this rinky dinky malpractice of leftist thieves and scum

President Trump is laying it out.
He is speaking freely.
Great stuff.
If you missed it, replay it.

And here's the challenge.

We can win 75 House seats and 10 Senate seats, but RINOs will still have the majority of GOP seats in both houses.

Then it's up to us to apply more pressure than these whores have ever seen, as well as their corporate and globalist pimps.

If there was ever a speech by President Trump to watch, this one (Wyoming) is it.


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