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Ultimately we will know the things they don’t want us to know.

Many of us already do.

They were so sloppy.

That is hubris.


Seemingly impervious.


That’s how cucks roll.


Many of us were like babes in the woods with our belief that fixing this was as simple as showing evidence and using common sense to sway the masses. Oh what we have learned in the last 2 years.

The depth and breadth of the corruption is still breathtaking despite what we now know.

Now, of course, it makes sense why it has taken so long and will continue to but aside from that we are due a solid and unmistakable win. It's coming. I believe.

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Remember how delicious 2016 was?

Now add a double helping of with Durham prosecution sauce!


I went to bed in 2016 not knowing what to expect, but hoping for the best. What a glorious night/day indeed.

I stayed up all night in 2020, didn't even go to bed. Just watched in horror as it unfolded and went numb for days.

The following weeks leading up to Jan 20th was and still is a blurry nightmare to me. I couldn't even wrap my head around it for weeks. Then the reality and COVID really kicked in.

I hate these people for what they did.

@Andre @h53pilot @COGnitiveAnalysis

We have not devolved to the point they had hoped.

They have tried.



They want you without anchor.

Floating aimless.

It does not work that way.

Faith does not allow it.

Still, they work.

Evil never sleeps.

It is unrelenting and pernicious.

Recognize the attack.

These are those times.

Seems odd.



Especially now.

Be alert.

Be strong.

Be good.

Summon the best you have.

Surprise yourself.

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I credit the FA community for getting me to my daughter's wedding through prayer. Seriously.

My son will be getting engaged one month from today, and I expect far less drama. Would it be cocky to say we deserve it?

My FA friends are my comrades in arms so to speak. You are like minded, sympathetic, & THINKERS. I need that.I can't blithely accept a wild hair notion, it has to make sense to me. Thank you all for that. I has kept me sane.

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I imagine the Youngkin win also shocked them.

They might try to escape, but by now, their entire organizational structure has been mapped. It is being watched.

Any changes they make will be detected.

This is one reason I think Trump displays unshakable confidence in the ultimate outcome.

@Fletchlives @h53pilot @COGnitiveAnalysis @pamby1

I expect to see the MSM election narrative, especially on election night, go along exactly as it did in almost all previous elections. Then, just as in 2016, there will be creeping horror as they realise their scripted comments do not match the results on the screen.

They will ad-lib for a while. They will try to come up with an explanation for the anomalies.

Then, as in 2016, they will report on the MAGA tsunami.

Pouty little sad faces!

@h53pilot @COGnitiveAnalysis @pamby1 @Andre

Ghosts, are everywhere. Including in the cheat machine. And there is nothing, I believe, “they” can do to stop it. And we will like never know aside from the result of We the People doing our part to overwhelm the vote.

I don’t see how this can go any other way.

Control and acquiescence.

They want that loving embrace.


@h53pilot @COGnitiveAnalysis @pamby1 @Andre

this is lit. My thinking is that the Deep State realizes this hence the attempt to start a war.

@Argentum47 @Arcalian @Andre @1031

It seemed....tactical didn't it.

Whatever it takes to wake a few more up.

@Arcalian @Katrina_Fights @Andre @1031

I knew he was lighting a fire under peoples asses when he started to second guess the red wave. Scott Pressler on telegram "I’m getting messages from conservatives across the country that they’ve been accepted as Election Day Workers.

This election, we’ll have eyes & ears at polling locations to ensure there are no irregularities."

@Katrina_Fights @Andre @1031 @Argentum47

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