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Who here has painted kitchen cabinets? What's the best way to do it?

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Hello FAmily!

We're home.😁 I praise God for a very enjoyable & safe trip.🙌

We left IN on 3/16 @ about 11pm & arrived in Biloxi, MS @ about 2pm on 3/17 after about 15 hrs on the road. I love roadtrips, but starting out @ night is not my favorite. It's just so tiring & there's nothing to see! Lol. Nevertheless, it was a safe, uneventful drive so for that I'm grateful.😊

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I look at their timeline to see what they've posted, if anything. If they post little, I assume their just collecting followers and I don't bother. Or, if it's mostly ads, or they include trains, I don't follow. I've unfollowed several I initially followed. That's why I started checking the timelines first.


Hey can you find out who stole my user name @malokvale77 and what they are doing with it?

Pretty please.

Oh yeah i saw those too, I was trying to unfollow them, but it didn't have a button for that. It's like a trick.
That's weird

Some of them follow you, until you follow them, then they disappear, I noticed.


It's that smile. So beautiful.

I had been thinking about asking here if you all are getting a lot of follows from "Trump this" and "Trump that." I guess I should have expected it, but it still seem odd everyone glomming on to Trump names (including Jr. and Melania), JFK, JFK Jr., etc.

Also, a lot of these accounts have thousands of followers and some have only made one post. Makes me wonder if there's a bot infestation they haven't conquered yet.

There are like a gazillion fan pages tryna follow me on TS. What's up with that?!?

Seems like a good time sell now, you get a better price and if hold off a little while before you buy your next home it will cost less. It's a delicate dance maneuver.
@SomeLadyinVA @Bleukitty @pamby1 @MMA

Does this "emancipated woman" realize the internet can be used for learning things like cooking, rather than just virtue signaling for blue checkmark approval?.🤦‍♀️ 🙄 🤷‍♀️

No bcuz I dont have a house so it obviously doesn't have guns in it. Good for her.

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For years when my wife took our kids to the doctor she refused those stupid intrusive questions they ask from Obamacare. Today our daughter went for the first time by herself. They told her it was required in order to receive any care. This is BS of course but she didn't know. She told me it was OK she lied to avoid anything intrusive. I asked her how she answered the gun question. She said the question was do you have or have you ever had guns in your house. She said I answered.....

@pamby1 @shecky2000

Outrage, Inc. has turned on Elon, Maher, and Gervais in just the last 14 days. They are literally out of runway.

I've been trying to sell my house in North Texas for 10 years now and I'm trying to sell it again (without losing money). If housing prices drop sharply right before I try to sell again, I'm gonna cry. 😭😭😭

@pamby1 @SomeLadyinVA @DrFell @MMA

Well that's just what I'm noticing. And actually things are kind of obscured where we are in that there is an influx of Californians with fat wallets coming in. But yes it seems to me like things are coming down a bit. Let me put it this way, I definitely feel in a better position as a buyer now then I did 6 weeks ago.
@pamby1 @DrFell @MMA

@pamby1 They always are. So much explaining to do. Then, no funny at the end.

The left can't meme example 7 billion:

They mad about Ricky Gervais.

Until these mofo anti 2A assholes virtue signaling right now start seriously working on meaningful actions to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals (which they never will)

They all can just shut right the fuck up with their rhetoric about restricting 2A rights for law abiding citizens.

These shootings only bolster the argument for 2A rights to arm and defend oneself against insaniacs like these. Where's the knee-jerk hysteria banning knives because of knife attacks and homicides? GTFOH.

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