Not too bad. Man, this crap drags on. Lots of loose chest congestion with coughing, and sleeping in bouts.


@CDuBois Aww.❤ Hang in there & get lots of rest. I know you probably are.

@CDuBois Feel better. It does drag on but you’ll be better and have all those wonderful antibodies! Hugs and love!


It does drag on, so yesterday I made a decision cuz I'm done with this RONA! Last evening I took and the hubby a 3mg Ivermectin with dinner. This morning my sinus issues basically gone and my taste & smell returned 100%. This evening we took another, just cuz they say you should for three days.

@CDuBois @pamby1

@Bleukitty I heard 5 days but check on that and YEA HURRAY! Wish I could’ve had ivermectin because I don’t think my taste will ever be the same.

@CDuBois @pamby1


This was Omicron, so you don't require as much. At least this is our opinion it was, no test cuz they have no clue!

You can take it anytime. They are using it for Long Covid cases. Have you considered using Push Health to get a script and mail order it?

@CDuBois @pamby1

@Bleukitty Thank you for helping me out with the doses. I’m still living my “Delta” memories. I have large animals so I have the paste. But, I haven’t really felt like I have long Covid. To be honest, because I’m among dear wonderful friends, I was having a rough day today. Not having good moods lately because business troubles and I really want this stress to end. Also, just let go of another “friend” in Texas who doesn’t realize how good she has and just calls to bitch.

@CDuBois @pamby1


(((BigBearHugs))) we all need those some days.

I checked if they updated for Omicron, they had.

I 🙏 your stress is relieved soon...💞

@CDuBois @pamby1

@Bleukitty @Bakerfiend @pamby1

I think I'll take some Ivermectin tonight and see if it helps.
This started December 26th, and I'm done!!

Meanwhile, I have not been sick in years.


It is worth a try.

It had been close to 10 years for me, I was just done. The hubby's cough was better and energy today. He said he woke up in a sweat last night, never does that so something was still there.

@Bakerfiend @pamby1

@CDuBois @Bleukitty @Bakerfiend @pamby1

I was wondering about you today. Didn’t you start out with strep throat?


I was never diagnosed, but had a severe sore throat at the start. Took antibiotics that I had on hand.

@Bleukitty @Bakerfiend @pamby1

@CDuBois You are not alone. My cough is still lingering and we got it first week of December. I’m waiting on some IVM and I’m gonna give that a try. I’ve been thinking about trying the onion syrup.

@Bleukitty @Bakerfiend @pamby1


My smell and taste totally returned. After one 3mg dose last evening. Sinuses about 90%. I got excited when I tasted a potato chip at lunch, I felt silly.

@CDuBois @Bakerfiend @pamby1


I really missed them, such an awful thing to go through. No appetite, yet hungry — sucks!

@ConnieinVA @CDuBois @Bakerfiend


Did you only eat crackers for two weeks because you were nauseous, or because without the sense of smell or taste you just weren't interested in food?
Asking for my Dad who is on day 4 of not eating anything. Says the smell of food makes him nauseous. He doesn't feel bad any other way - like the sore throat is gone, no fever and so on, but this is lingering.

@Bleukitty @pamby1 @ConnieinVA @CDuBois

@SweetIceTea @Bakerfiend @Bleukitty @pamby1 @ConnieinVA @CDuBois

Someine suggested smoothies. Put them in a lidded cup. He doesn't have to see the food or smell it. They can be very nutritious. It can last for weeks to months.

He will need to start eating sooner than he's going to get his sense of smell/taste back.

@CDuBois @Katrina_Fights

Does anyone have an idea how long this nausea can last? @rosemaxx7 said yesterday that her son has been this way 15 days.
I was wondering what length of time others have had it.


@Bakerfiend @Bleukitty @pamby1 @ConnieinVA


Smell does impact appetite and the desire to eat, it happened to me. I ate things just to eat, peanut butter crackers was the main thing.

@SweetIceTea @CDuBois @Katrina_Fights @Bakerfiend @pamby1 @ConnieinVA

@Bleukitty I only ate a cup of chicken soup a day for over 3 weeks. I only lost my sense of smell but I still had absolutely now appetite. @rosemaxx7 @SweetIceTea @CDuBois @Katrina_Fights @Bakerfiend @pamby1 @ConnieinVA

@oystergirl @Bleukitty @rosemaxx7 @CDuBois @Katrina_Fights

Thank you all for your comments. I sent Daddy & Mama a link to this conversation. Daddy messaged me back saying he had read them all.

@Bakerfiend @pamby1 @ConnieinVA

@SweetIceTea @CDuBois @rosemaxx7 @Bakerfiend @Bleukitty @pamby1 @ConnieinVA

Weeks. His best chance for beating the nausea is to limit his food intake to bland food.

I was reading just yesterday a person could only eat 'white' food.

If you've ever had pregnancy nausea - it's a lot like that as far as triggered by smells...only,

it's worse because no taste means you're relying solely on texture and we find out - there's a lot of food with lousy texture but great taste.

@Katrina_Fights This was exactly my experience. Once I lost taste/smell, the texture was what made all the food I tried to eat offputting. Couldn’t eat more than a few bites.

@SweetIceTea @CDuBois @rosemaxx7 @Bakerfiend @Bleukitty @pamby1


Do you remember how long it lasted?
Did you think it just 'ran its course' or did you feel like you took something that brought it to an end?

@Katrina_Fights @CDuBois @rosemaxx7 @Bakerfiend @Bleukitty @pamby1

My son mssg he thinks he is coming out of it
after 17 days.
He is 6'5" and usually 270 lbs, with no excess fat, just muscle.
When a person this size can't eat, I think it's harder on them, as it takes so much more fuel to run their body than someone tiny.
It may have a lot to do with why he was hit so hard, because he was not able to eat or drink.
My older son could, he had different symptoms & recovered sooner.
@ConnieinVA @Katrina_Fights @CDuBois @Bakerfiend @Bleukitty @pamby1


Oh that is wonderful.
I'm so happy for him and you.
I'll be praying that he recovers his strength quickly and fully.
Thank you for the update.

@ConnieinVA @Katrina_Fights @CDuBois @Bakerfiend @Bleukitty @pamby1

@SweetIceTea I lost smell/taste around day 5 & it only started to come back after a few days of eating teaspoons of horseradish. My husband lost his a day before I did & his took longer to come back because he didn’t want to eat that. His lasted probably about a week or so longer than mine. But his did come back on it’s own. I’d say his lasted a total of maybe 3 weeks before he said he could really taste/smell everything.

@Katrina_Fights @CDuBois @rosemaxx7 @Bakerfiend @Bleukitty @pamby1


Thank you Connie.
It's really something all the weird things these 'bugs' are doing to people. What strange affects.

@Katrina_Fights @CDuBois @rosemaxx7 @Bakerfiend @Bleukitty @pamby1


I would suggest inflammation in the ear canals. I took and extra Ivermectin to finish clearing mine out, it worked.

@CDuBois @Katrina_Fights @rosemaxx7 @Bakerfiend @pamby1 @ConnieinVA


That makes sense. I was in a car wreck years ago, and the crystals in my ears were dislodged. Nausea and accute Meniers. It was awful.
PT for three months.
I had no idea how much can be affected by the ears.

@SweetIceTea @Katrina_Fights @rosemaxx7 @Bakerfiend @pamby1 @ConnieinVA

@SweetIceTea @Bakerfiend @Bleukitty @pamby1 @ConnieinVA @CDuBois

When his senses start coming back and he says things taste/smell different - believe him. It really messes with the olfactory neural brain connections.

Some get eroded by this virus & the brain compensates by creating new ones. The problem happens when the new connections are different than the original ones. There is an industry springing up to retrain smell and taste based on this damage when it affects prior favorite foods


The loss of taste and smell is what I've heard so many people discuss, but the flat out nausea caused by the smell of food is a symptom I didn't remember hearing about till this with Daddy.

@Bakerfiend @Bleukitty @pamby1 @ConnieinVA @CDuBois

@Bleukitty So glad Kitty. I’ve been faithfully taking quercetin and all my other supplements. But, the cough. It’s not all the time mostly when I wake up but it is annoying during the day until I can clear it.


Hubby has the same issue, I haven't heard him coughing today...🤗 I never got the cough, just tore up my sinuses!


Great! I bet you the Ivermectin will help you, 🤗💕

@ConnieinVA @Bleukitty

Have you tried Benadryl? I read today that Benadryl works.

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