My American Thinker article this morning. Something not about COVID, inflation, or China. But with surprisingly little media coverage or women's rights groups outrage.

Boys Replacing Girls in Sports – Feminists Yawn

My latest in American Thinker on some of the new mask mandates. When does it end? (Hint...never)

When All Else Fails, Bring Out the Masks

How is Democrat "criminal justice reform" working out?

Why is the British media covering it while the US media ignoring or making excuses?

Five dead at latest count.

We are almost two years into the COVID pandemic yet cases are spiking in some places, again. What's going on?

My take in American Thinker.

Why are COVID Cases Spiking? Again…

My latest in American Thinker on quercetin. How soon until it becomes "horse paste" to the media and medical establishment?

What’s All The Buzz About Quercetin?

Biden is tanking in the polls, media reluctantly saying anything. My recent article in Rasmussen Reports

Biden’s Approval Numbers are Falling Faster than the Autumn Leaves

“OSHA will not enforce 29 CFR 1904’s recording requirements to require any employers to record worker side effects from COVID-19 vaccination.”

Sorry to hear about Colin Powell. Once upon a time I admired and respected him. May he RIP.

These statistics didn't work in his favor apparently. He was fully vaxed.

CDC data: Unvaccinated 11 times more likely to die from COVID-19 than fully vaccinated

Notice how aspirin recently made the news as a potential COVID preventative and therapeutic?

Immediately followed by "new guidelines" telling most people not to take it for heart attack prevention?

How soon until the media calls aspirin "horse paste"?

My latest in American Thinker

Is Aspirin the New Horse Dewormer?

Only in the alternate universe of the NY Times. The worse the numbers are the better they say they are. Orwellian...

The New Jobs Numbers Are Pretty Good, Actually

How long til the media calls aspirin a garden aid or stain remover and bans anyone who dares mention it?

New study finds aspirin can significantly cut COVID risks — and even death

Happy to have just joined this site.

Banned by Saul from a similar site for discussing things like the subject of my recent American Thinker article.

Follow the Science – Except When it comes to Natural Immunity

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