It seems the health authorities are tripping over themselves to redefine monkeypox and are tossing science overboard over wokeness and political correctness.

My column in Rasmussen Reports

Monkeypox: The Real ‘Don’t Say Gay’

If Trump is so irrelevant and inconsequential, why are the media and his political enemies so afraid of him? My take in my latest in American Thinker.

If Trump is Irrelevant, Why is He Still Such a Political Force of Nature?

Most first world countries can count ALL ballots the night of the election and have a result that night or the next morning.

Some counties in America need days or weeks to count (finagle) their ballots and votes. Why is that?

Definitions make order in our lives. So why are they now changing?
My latest in American Thinker...

Redefining – The New Pretzel Logic of the Left

Biden - "If you get vaccinated, you won’t get COVID."

Quadruple-Jabbed Benedict Biden Tests Positive for Covid AGAIN

Another adventure trip along the road less travelled. Lots of lessons to be learned.

My latest in American Thinker...

Lessons from an Adventure Trip to Central Asia

Why is Biden giving a speech in front of a garbage dump?

My early picks in Rasmussen Reports for the 2024 presidential election.
Hard to predict anything this early but why not take a stab at it. Regardless, it should be exciting!

Jockeying for 2024: Who are the Early Contenders?

My take and early predictions on the 2024 presidential election and potential candidates, today in American Thinker.

The 2024 Horserace is Underway – Who are the Favorites?

Perfect is the enemy of good. Could this have been applied to abortion, making it a less contentious issue?

My latest in American Thinker.

Democrats Overreached Again, This Time on Abortion

FINA, the international swimming regulatory authority, finally came to its senses about biologic men competing as women.

My latest column in American Thinker.

Will Transgendered Athletes Now Give Back Their Medals and Titles?

Once upon a time, politicians used "illegal aliens"
Now we need an entire sentence to describe them...

Biden Refers to 'People Who Are Seeking to Enter the United States Between Ports of Entry'

Black-robed Supremes making all sorts of good things happen.
The Happening?

Time to sing along?

My American Thinker article on recent Supreme Court decisions.

More about the Constitution than either guns or abortion.

And the role of SCOTUS. Good decisions in my opinion, constitutionally correct.

The Supremes are Back – Making the Constitution Great Again - American Thinker

Amazing how many young healthy people are dropping dead. They even have a name for it.
SADS - Sudden Adult Death Syndrome
And no explanation given. Why is that?

ANOTHER Young Professional Athlete Dies Mysteriously and Nobody’s Mentioning the Jabs

Of course they won't prosecute. Two standards of justice.
Banana republic style...

Democrat congressman’s staffer caught defacing posters in Capitol complex, but DOJ won't prosecute

If this is our modern military, God help us if we get into a real war...

US Navy Releases Bizarre Training Video Urging Recruits to Create Pronoun “Safe Space”

Sure, just hire new pilots off the street.
Train them up in a weekend. That should work well...

Pete Buttigieg’s Plan to End Air Travel Armageddon: Force Airlines to Hire Workers

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