oh wow ive never seen one thats being offered up that got re tinned


and i paid 40$ for mine. these are amazingly pricy

this is the exact kettle i have but mine isnt shiny like this, i did that once but i let it re patina itself.

there is literally no replacing the feeling you get when you use a tea kettle that predates the civil war.


is a metal :)

dillemma a friend in colorado has been using my netflix account for the last 2 years or so,

and i need to change my password, otherwise i can get into it by saying forgot password. but i dont know the password anymore.

i dont think i have her phone # but i might, otherwise i'd tell her the new password after changing it,

not going to touch facebook ever again since my acct is deleted, and thats where we used to chat at. LOL


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It’s a miracle! I woke up today to zero pain! Yay! I’m on the last day of fenben this week and BONUS! I was supposed to see the doc tomorrow but he’s on vacay so I get two more weeks on fenben. 🔥🎉👍


anyway this joke is played out, but i made a poll just for laughs.

who wins?


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Are [they] trying to get ahead of something?

“The US government is warning of critical vulnerabilities in its Emergency Alert System (EAS) systems that, if exploited, could enable intruders to send fake alerts out over television, radio, and cable networks.…”


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