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Good on you. Is your ticket a Technician or General?

Yes, impedance really is that simple.

Myra Flores stomps AOC for the hot Latina congresswoman award.

@Andre Is it my imagination or have many of the big hitters gone silent on FA since TS got going?

@justhuman Ericsson wins Indy. Who would have thought! Marcus spent his F1 career at the end of the field in a Sauber that sucked.

@justhuman You mentioned the often quoted statement that SpaceX is the largest DOD contractor. Those who continue to repeat similar statements neglect the story of the EELV contract previously sole sourced to ULA. SpaceX went to court to force the DOD to evaluate Spacex as an additional supplier of launch.

@justhuman As you can see in this article, spaceflightnow.com/2019/03/07/ that Spacex is saving the US Taxpayer hundreds of millions. Thats a good thing. Thats not subsidy, thats good business.

@justhuman Get that F1 streaming in now. In a few years you're going to be a volunteer Assistant Scoutmaster and will be to busy helping with camping trips, merit badges and taking the boys to meetings and community service projects.

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The DOD really doesn't use its own data centers, most are outsourced and SAIC would be one of the providers for Datacenters, services and Network services. They could easily be involved in some sort of black project monitoring election network traffic. They were a customer of mine in the early 2000's when I was in the Datacenter software biz. Everybody I met there, from rank and file to mgmt was ex military.

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Regarding the Robert Durham patent for secure DNS 2003. Durham and others were working for SAIC, which is a very large defense/government contractor. SAIC provides IT oursourcing and development services for primarily the DOD.

Yes, we need a weekly F1/motorsports stream. All the F1 podcasts I follow are very woke.

This website will give you replays of all the WRC events and even the Dakar Rally. burningwhee1s.blogspot.com/

Crowdstrike is sponsoring Sir Lewis the Woke. That ought to tell you plenty about supporting Mercedes.

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Why is this Saul guy living rent free in your heads? So he runs a tiny tiny social media site. WTF do you care? There is so much else to spend mental energy about.

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