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From here on, today is the best day Democrats will ever have.

Reader’s Links for July 2, 2022
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Hi FAm
I have a prayer request
My brother, who is active duty Army, just returned from outside of the country. He’s very sick with Covid.

Triple vaxxed because of Army orders.

When my SIL (his ex) was sick with Covid last month, I sent ivermectin for her, AND my brother, and their kids. Plus a nebulizer and peroxide.

She’s fine; it worked.

I have no hope that he’ll neb/use the meds. He is woke; plus our relationship isn’t where he’ll trust me.

Please pray that my SIL gets him to take it.


Because it has the potential to blow up int heir face!


The good news is they can't see it either.

Though we can't see it, we can sense it.

But the longer "nothing" happens (until it does), the bolder they will get. This would not seem risky to them at all, which explains their behavior.


I agree in the Iranian thing. Convenient villains that are accused of peripheral activities, not affecting the election tally.

The big reward is a bit different and a bit more potentially problematic.

They are doing so in response to Trump's Executive Order on the matter.

It appears that Blinken is doing so creatively and proactively.

This is incongruent with my expectations of the behaviour that'd like emerge from the POTATUS administration.

VERY interesting and I thank @CONSERVATARIAN for pointing out the original article to all of us.

I invite everyone to comment upon and dig into this.


We caught them all.


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(OK. Not so brief...that rabbit hole grabbed me!)

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@TXPatriot2021 @aquanaut642 @shecky2000 @Andre - Jovan assumes that for the last year and a half we haven't been getting out there and doing anything...

Kinda presumptive of him...

@aquanaut642 @shecky2000 @Andre

From what I heard Jovan say about Q it seemed he was emphasizing that it is up to us to battle, don't wait for the cavalry so to speak.

@shecky2000 @Andre

I could tell JP was walking a fine line between maintaining credibility and retaining legal standing.

The long knives are out for him and his family.

I hope he has many tricks up his sleeves.

As an aside, I don't like how quick he dismissed "Q" the night before at the other presentation he gave. During the Patel interview he said he couldn't follow or comment on Devolution. But he summarily dismisses Q out of hand.

I have questions.

@shecky2000 @Andre

"It's Bacon Wrapped Shrimp from now on! Commoners be Damned, I'm Set for Life"

I know that a lot of people were encouraged by Pulitzer last night but I took a negative view of it.

That presentation was light on solutions. My take away was that there is an Iron Walled Fortress surrounding the E. Fraud. We all are asking a too much if we expect the forces that put all this in place to give up peaceably.

Can't get a conviction if the DA won't call for the Grand Jury

@shecky2000 @Andre

At every level, the problem can be boiled down to one question:

Who do THEY answer to?

The Constitution say who They should be answering to.

But this is not the case. They all now have membership in a club that use to only require them to chase a Vote every other year. But for those who watched the Pulitzer interview with Patriot Patel last night, know that they now have the technology that they don't even need the Vote anymore.

@Andre @shecky2000

This is a critical point. Reagan's mantra: Reduce the size of the Federal Government!

Put the power back were it started out from - The States.

Who better to decide what is best for the children in the public schools? Local School Boards with "Stake Holder" input. The ones that benefit most from a Child's good education.

This is how it is fixed folks
Thanks Andre

@shecky2000 @aquanaut642

And for lots of stuff there could be federal guidelines administered by the states.


Vindman looks like he has an extra-long corn cob stuck up his rectum & he's sitting on it. LOL

Lt. Col. Vindman-Stelter heard it from his wife's boyfriend that Trump's "perfect call" was a politically-motivated attack against Biden.

He was immediately scheduled to testify in front of The House Intelligence Committee by Adam Schiff NFT #124.

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