The Left must be bricking themselves if they're starting this bus chucking already...

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question time.

For those who have to eat a special diet - gluten free, low carb, that kind of thing - have you noticed your grocery store options becoming kind of crap? Because I have. Just circled my Aldi 3 times looking for gluten free options to no avail.

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I had a look at the figures from the primaries this morning. Even allowing for Alabama politics, in each case the second placed GOP candidate got about as many votes as all the D candidates combined. We'll see how this plays out, but I have seen repeated articles about how many normal everyday Americans are furious about gas prices and baby formula.

is shaping up interesting tonight. Today was primaries as in other states.

It's looking like the person in distant second place for Governor for the GOP, will probably get as many votes as ALL the D gubernatorial candidates combined.

The current leader for Senator, Katie Britt, is looking like she will have more votes than ALL the D candidates combined.

I saw an unsourced comment that Rs are leading Ds 2:1 in the primary votes cast.

November is going to be *lit*.

unless you can add multivitamin supplements, don't use it for any more than a brief bridge, though

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"sudden cardiac issues"

Put that phrase in your pocket and keep it close to hand to check against news reports.

checkin from my recent visits.

In both Walmart and Aldi, only a tiny minority of people are still masking. If you forced me to guess I'd say low single digit percentage, well under 10%.

I'm thinking of setting up a meet up in the Santa Barbara, CA area next month... who's interested?

Please boost the poll to help it not get lost in the annals of NAS.


just had a nearby lightning strike that looked and sounded like a special effect O.O

alert. My local restaurant supply store has seen a 50% increase in egg prices and a 33% increase in milk. This could be a seasonal thing because of Easter, but y'all might want to keep an eye on it.

the contents of this will come as no surprise to anyone on here, but Russell Brands' audience is leftie normals. This is red pilling the ones most resistant to red pills.

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