apparently my cat's pure and unconditional love doesn't apply when I am shredding onions with the mandolin?!?

I am shook, shook. Stop the presses, news at 11, etc etc....

me: driving home

8 yo Kiddo from back seat: I wonder who Brandon is?

Me: ....?!!!?

Kiddo: someone hung a sign from the side of the interstate saying "let's go Brandon" in red paint?!?

Me: *concentrates hard on not wrecking car on Interstate 65* Probably some people who support a kid called Brandon?

Me: *dying inside holding in laughter*

Kiddo: Ohhh!

Me: *not stroking out from holding in the laughter*

contrary to the movies, James Bond drank vodka Martini, stirred not shaken.

It's quite an easy sipper. Nought to horizontal in just a couple of drinkies 😆

Amos 5:24
New International Version

But let justice roll on like a river,
righteousness like a never-failing stream!

Today is not a good day.

Tired of being called a "conspiracy theorist" by my wife.

Tired of the lies from the Shite House and the MSM.

Tired of watching my adopted country burn.


huh. White rum is just as good for hot buttered rum as dark. Who'd'a thought?!?

time for a hot buttered rum, and thanks to those who suggested it. Yum!

Federal employees: Please look this up and sign up if you are able. Frontline is representing us.

having chosen the USA as my home I was aware of cultural references and whatnot. I decided today to test out a couple of them with my son.

We both thoroughly enjoyed fried spam and fried bologna.

Do something similar - challenge yourself to look at a cultural prejudice and ignore it. You might fond something delightful!

... except chitterlings because EFF THAT NOISE.

today's special cocktail:

lime juice
Scotch whisky
topped up with boiling water

... yes, it's a hot toddy. Stupid cold!

Emerald Robinson Latin cross Retweeted

il Donaldo Trumpo
Oct 26
THIS KIDS JUST WON HALLOWEEN!!!Rolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughing

I'll say this about the dirt cheap Castillo Gold rum from Puerto Rico. It is quite inexpensive and contains alcohol....

If you have kids age 5-11, and it has full FDA approval, will you give them the vaccine?

Boost for larger sample.

who would have thought my stupid thoughts brought by entirely too many Rum Old Fashioneds would be so popular 😆

for those who are wondering, cocktails are completely medicinal. The alcohol helps with any germs. The added citrus juice adds vitamin C, helping to counteract illnesses. Also, it's booze. Cocktails are the practical alternative to sobriety!

"In December 2019 Ancient Origins reported that Dr. Joseph Saleh, an aerospace engineer at the Georgia Institute of Technology in the United States, had published a study in the online journal Nature about the lifespans of the many Roman emperors. According to, the 2019 study showed that “of the 69 rulers of the unified Roman Empire, 43 (62%) suffered violent deaths either by assassination, suicide or during combat.”

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