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There have been some bad economic decisions made over the past year-and-a-half, but arguably none are as bad as this. It's time to brace for financial impact if you haven't already.

When the "Inflation Reduction Act" is signed by Joe Biden, two major crimes will have been initiated. First, they will be murdering the U.S. economy,

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Donald J. Trump


A man I know just informed me that his son, a very good student at West Point, is leaving because the school has gone Radical Left and WOKE. He has already picked a very good University!

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My heart cries out to these precious children who had NO CHOICE and have been SO damaged by the globalists' global experiment on mankind.

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Kari Lake's win is glorious GLORIOUS.

But it makes her opposition especially deadly heading into November. They CANNOT let her win. A Lake win will lead to their own demise and they know it.

Note to Kari. Hire a food tester. Wear Kevlar. Get a bomb sniffing dog. Don't open your own mail. Change your routes every day. Send your family out of the country. Don't hire anyone new.

I'm not kidding.

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Well said, I've believed since roughly 1985 and have watched this destruction of Family for now almost 40 years.

Pig Men throughout have fostered this game plan...

Strong woman are what good men need and desire!!

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"To destabilize this dirty western society? It's not difficult: you just have to destabilize the woman. Women are the keystone of any society. All you have to do is take the woman out of her temple: the house, the family, which can only stand on its own feet because of the woman. She must be persuaded that she is exploited and debased. She must be uncoupled. She must be trivialized, she must be taken away from the teaching and education of her children, who then become easy prey for vice and

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John Solomon reports that the Capitol police chief is pissed off that Biden’s Department of Justice declined to prosecute the Colbert staffers who were arrested in the Capitol.

Maybe the police chief will get pissed off enough to speak up about what really happened on J6…

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Washington Examiner
Biden administration awarded $177M no-bid contract to house migrant children in North Carolina
EXCLUSIVE — The Biden administration secretly paid a for-profit company $177 million to begin housing more than 1,000 migrant children this month in a vacant Hebrew school in North Carolina, according to leaked government communications outlining the deal.

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Just saw a comment on PDW.

Mere hours after Schiff tries to gag any evidence emerging from certain military sources (he must SUCK at poker) 4Chan goes "oh yea?" and dumps half a terabyte of hot gossip from Hunter's iPhone.

The tighter they squeeze, the more sand runs out between their fingers.

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So the leftist perverts spent the entire month of June shoving their rainbow genitals in the faces of every man, woman and especially child in the West. Nobody touched a hair on their demonic heads, yet one of those dayglow-haired crossdressing freaks goes on a murderous shooting spree against patriots as soon as July 4th rolls around, just like the BLM maniacs burned down every city in the hemisphere with total impunity yet deranged black racists were the only ones to rack up a body count.

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Schiff files amendment to NDAA that would conceal any info collected by the U.S. military for use in congressional investigations or court proceedings.

Massive attempted coverup of enormous proportions and preemptive power grab to prevent GOP oversight next year:

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Trump is going to be PISSED about Abe's assassination.

Globalists just FAFO'ed

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From TruthHammer:

Within 24 hours of Georgia Guidestones coming down we have key opponents to full NWO control removed from two key nations.

Japan (Abe) & UK (BoJo)

Both nations will now find it easier to install more globalist friendly puppets. 👀

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What A New Study Linking The Moderna Jab And Terrifying Heart Illness Will Make You…

Safe and effective? Effective is out the window within months, safety was never there. The myocarditis concerns are surely the tip of the toxiberg.

According to a peer-reviewed study published in Nature Communications by France researchers, the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines increase myocarditis risk in young adults by 44 times.

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Laughing, liquid diets, lack of sleep, & lonely older women, now cause heart attacks.🤦‍♀️

These media clowns are frantically searching for any & all excuses in order to avoid mentioning the the GIANT elephant in the room, the experimental killshot.🤬

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@icare4america But, they won’t hunker down. If they haven’t stopped their insanity over the last year, especially seeing the implosion of the J6 debacle, no way they stop now. This is who they are & they’ve been exposed & they don’t care. They LOVE that drag queens, trans kids, gay marvel characters, CRT, jabs for babies, abortions at birth, destruction of the fossil fuel industry, & pronoun nazi’s have taken front stage. They relish in it. They have shown us who they REALLY are, NEVER FORGET.

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1/2 I can’t stop thinking about last night… at the park in this small mid-western town of 3,600. I wasn’t well enough to be out… but insisted on being part of the celebration. I felt so conflicted between my “pride” of being American… and my anger and resentment towards my government who has left me virtually disabled and full of grief for the loses I have recently endured from the government vaccination dictates. When I look around I saw so many “non-aborted babies” children… running around…

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