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well, if you must know ... /preferences/profile/appearance/display name

It was an odd thing and stuck with me for a while.

“Who doesn’t take care of their parents in their old age?”

I found out much later that her relationship with her children are strained. She was the most caring person I’ve know.

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Addendum: I had an Italian neighbor growing up. I was able to reconnect with her years later (she divorced and moved several states over).

She said, “It so nice that you bought your parents a house.”

I didn’t think much of it and replied, “Well, they did raise me.” 🤷🏻‍♂️

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“No problem, dad. I’ll just work twice as hard.”

Kinda easy in the land of abundant opportunities. Even as I child, I knew we could change our future in one generation.

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Our family came to the US in the 80’s and I was the first one to learn English.

(Guess who had to place all the orders at Mc Donald’s growing up.)

I always knew that we (as a family) had a disadvantage compared to others but I never saw it as such.

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Our wives are good friend and I wish to remain in good terms so I smile and try my best to be not-snarky.

“I don’t know. I’m just trying to earn some extra money by helping this private organization to be successful.” 😅

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My neighbor was over at my house, helping to cut drywall and install a clean faceplate for the antenna cable.

He also happens to be a Bernie Bro, Biden voter, and works for the State. He gets to retire with a pension.

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FYI. I have a Helium hotspot and I get rewarded in their native token HNT for providing coverage for IOT devices.

Just trying to find creative ways to fund our family vacation.

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“That sounds like communism”

A neighbor remarked at my latest crypto project.



Do people realize that the facts show that even if vaccinated, it reduces their risk of getting Covid by only 1%?

One fewer case per 100 vaccinated.

If 99.9% of people survive, then just 1/1000th die.

One fewer case from which 1 out of 1,000 die. That's ONE fewer death per 100,000 vaccinated.

The Death Rate from adverse side effects, >150,000 killed (VAERS 15k is 1%-10%%).

IF 200M jabbed, that's .075%, or 75 per 100,000.

Vaccines killing 75x those it saves.

Let that sink in!


I’m not entirely sure of the head 🐷’s motivations, but regardless, it was a turning point when Patel left. Mind you, I wasn’t actively engaged at that point.

Anyhow, it’s a LOT to catch up to, thankfully you could play the audio version in the background and dive back into the printed version if desired. Find all the links on - Click on [Reading]


Consider adding to your list.

It’s a decentralized search engine that is new is trying to take traffic away from Google.

Also, you earn rewards in their native token for searching. Not the most accurate results but they are improving.

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