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well, if you must know ... /preferences/profile/appearance/display name

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Perusing Truth Social and seeing the huge amount of FA members who have grown to pretty much national prominence is amazing.

After a brief mention on the board yesterday about Juneteenth, and me being clueless, I decided to dig a bit to educate myself.
This seems to be a great and informative video -
"Juneteenth: Republican National Holiday"

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Nov 3 can be declared voter-fraud day. It's the day the American people got their votes stolen & they were royally screwed over by the DemcoRAT Party with the aid of the Deep State!! We The People can celebrate by going into the streets with pitchforks & barrels of hot tar & feathers.

What’s up with ‘Juneteenth’?

A coworker asked if it was a company holiday before stating how disappointed he was when it wasn’t.

I assumed it wasn’t a real holiday.

@HunDriverWidow There is a broad FA message for us in that thingy I'm pointing to in this screenshot. 🤗

Ben Garrison
They thought trotting out Matthew McConaughey would make us forget that they stole the election, organized Antifa and BLM riots, tore our historic statues down, committed treason overthrowing an elected President, forced mask mandates and vaccine passports on us, gave us 6 dollar gas, baby formula and food shortages, inflation, defunded the police, called us domestic terrorists and tried to take away our right to defend ourselves... well that ain't gonna happen.

June 8

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko (Zelenko Protocol)

I’m a trying to break the herd mentality that most sheeple follow and hurt the globalists where they feel it most.

My messaging about flu is simple.

Flu kills many more kids than covid

It is a single stranded RNA virus that uses rna dependent rna polymerase to make copies of its genetic material and spread.

Zinc blocks rna dependent rna polymerase.

@Lori @HunDriverWidow

Yes, along with the Zelenko protocol.

No question about it.

They manufactured C19, but never expected we'd quickly find legitimate cures.
That wasn't supposed to happen.

Listened to the full interview.
The correct January 6, 2020 narrative is coming out from Kash and Chris.
Sufficiently important to reveal now and to dispense with the collusion concern.
And in so doing there are some pointed fingers in the direction of Pelosi, Schiff and Bowser and the unselect committee.
The dripping just became a flow.
I’m somewhat excited!! 😂😅

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Yo, Canada.

This is the guy y'all gonna let remove your right to protect yourselves?


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