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AG Garland apparently testified to Congress that he had 'no idea' about the sexual assaults in the #Loudoun #schools.

That means that he intended to direct federal resources to identifying and prosecuting 'domestic terrorism' at school board meetings without having any 'idea' about why there was 'domestic terrorism' at school board meetings.

Does anyone in this administration know anything?

Until this world stops bending over backward to please unpleasable people on undefined, unreasonable terms, something as simple as having a polite conversation with a liberal is impossible.

Because people like that don't try to understand other perspectives. They're not even satisfied with being separated from those they disagree with. They demand total compliance with their ever-shifting, non-objective, completely unsustainable worldview or they don't even want you to be allowed to EXIST.


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Netflix is apparently incapable of putting out content that doesn't shoehorn in a bunch of sexual fetish bogarts, racialism, hard left politics and revisionist history.

Netflix, just like the wider entertainment industry, just like pro sports, just like social media, just like the so-called "news" has lost touch. But not with the tiny segment of society that identifies with these clearly insane protesters. These institutions have lost touch with reality itself.

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But because Chappelle made a couple of tepid, hesitant Kindergarten Cop-level jokes about deluded weirdos whose entire existence revolves around making you deny the biological fact that boys have pee pees and girls don't, the loud, angry minority wants to wipe NETFLIX from existence.

Netflix, mind you, is a company that has given these society-destroying psychopaths everything they want.
95% of the content it produces is propaganda for the religion of Wokism.

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He used their silly imaginary pronouns. He endorsed the ineffective injection they're obsessed with everyone else risking their lives with. He slammed white people for existing, just like these bigots demand from teachers, historians and politicians. He called Trump supporters idiots and didn't throw any jabs at the pants-crapping, kid-sniffing halfwit who's currently destroying the economy, destabilizing the world and making a fool of himself every time he shuffles up to the White House podium.

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I watched the latest Chappelle special the other day - it was a chore!

But not because of any of the reasons that the childish little narcissistic crybabies who are walking off their jobs, violently protesting and demanding the man's head on a stake say it was.

It just wasn't funny.

Dave Chappelle used to be one of the funniest people on the planet, but this time, he just didn't have it. And here's the thing - he was trying to walk the line for the people who are now trying to crucify him.

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See, stuff like this is why I don't talk to leftists anymore. They've gone crazy.

Not all of them, I'm sure. Hell, most likely it's less than ten percent who are anywhere near this divorced from reality. But I just don't have the mental energy to differentiate people who've gone certifiably insane and those who go along with the fake zeitgeist of societal derangement because they're afraid that one of these insufferable wackjobs will try to ruin their life.

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Great points.

Trump social media is a bad idea if you want Trump to get back in the White House.

These covid cult clowns are literally handing out the blue pill when you line up and get your second dose of the depop shot now.

But you don't even get to eat a delicious imaginary steak. No, you get to eat a single plastic-wrapped jellybean. Then you probably get sterilized, get paralyzed, get myocarditis and die of a heart attack before your 30th birthday.

You know, unless you just get cancer in a few years.

Welcome to the Matrix, moron.

The illegitimate but infinitely evil regime in Washington is literally trying to orchestrate an American Holodomor and there are still people who think secession is an unreasonable idea.

This so-called republic is unsustainable.

As if we needed another reminder that the pope is a godless communist pedophile.

I wonder if God told him to censor those booty pictures he likes on Instagram too.

Time to give the Red Chinese moron military a little credit for once. If they ever decide to buy into the transgender delusion, they'll finally have something they can beat our troops at!

Look at these effete little boys and boyish little females and tell me they wouldn't make more convincing alphabet people than conquerors!

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But it's not about the technology, it's about the culture. And as long as that is dominated by deranged leftist scumbags, it won't matter what the app is called or who is running it, normal and civil human discourse between people with differing political opinions is just not possible.

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What would really be nice is if we could all have a nice social media platform to connect with family, old and new friends and Internet pals. To post a picture of our pets and boast about our kids' accomplishments. To root for our favorite teams. To share our creative endeavors. To link up for concerts, games and events. To get our businesses going. To laugh at memes. To play stupid mobile games.

And yes - to share whatever opinions we damn well please, political or not!

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Why wouldn't Trump's social media just turn into another Parler or Grftr?

How many times are we going to be scattered like this?

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