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As a Big Ten alum... What the eff is this?

I had a lot of fun on road trips from Minneapolis to Wisconsin and Iowa back in the day. I can't imagine what it'll be like for those poor purple-haired eunuchs in Los Angeles. "Hey Willow, wouldn't it be hella radical to go to the Bruins game tonight and watch those hawt transgender cheerleaders?" "No duh, Alfalfa, but it's like 2000 miles away. It would take zour Prius like a week and a half to find enough charging stations."

The illegitimate US government has given more money to Ukraine than all other NATO countries combined.

Unlike NATO, Ukraine isn't even a United States ally.

If Russia were to nuke DC today, I would call for it to be made into a national holiday. After all, wouldn't it be a second Independence Day?

Revenge of the Cis is on with Owen Shroyer right now. Should be entertaining since they go head-to-head and make fun of him:

Remember how it used to be that every time you'd go for a road trip in this country you'd have to scrape a solid layer of dead bugs off your grill when you got off the highway?

Apparently they've been replaced by illegal immigrants too.

Hopefully one day soon they'll be swinging - and not the kind Madison Cawthorn called them out for.

Plus the baby-killers don't take months off (often deciding never to return to work) or require dozens of doctors appointments for months leading up to that leave.

As hard as it is to get people to show up for work in this world of the most entitled generation in history and perpetual panic over "being exposed" to a cold, the last thing anti-human businesses have time for is employee pregnancy.

Actual leftists are so stupid and so terrified of anyone accusing them of intolerance, I bet it would catch on enough to make these morons give that freak the VP nomination at the very least.

If the left can have sleepers, why can't we?

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...Let's all make left-wing sock puppet Twitter accounts and spend the next year building up credibility as real-life Democrat voters.

Then, when the DNC pushes its preferred candidate to the front of the pack, we all accuse them of being transphobic misogynist hate bigots if they nominate anyone but the stunning, intrepid admiral herself - Rachel Levine!

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How hilarious is it that after all this nonstop pandering to gays, trannies, blacks, Mexicans, Muslims, fat women and all the rest of their pet political push groups, the Dems are floating the idea of rolling out Globalist Patrick Batemen to replace Pretend President Pedophile in '24?

Anyway, I've got an idea for some undercover mischief....

"Worse than 9/11?" lone, battle-scarred survivor AOC will whisper at the end. "It was worse than Armageddon! But there's hope.... 2022."

It would be just as believable as the rest of their J6 bullshit.

Anyway, I can't wait 'til the Democrats make a movie like this about January 6: 20-foot-tall behemoth Donald Trump smashing into the Capitol building and spraying acid piss all over members of Congress to dissolve them in urine while his bloodthirsty hordes of Vikings, barbarians and shamanic wizards pour in to tear the noble Capitol Police and honorable public servants to pieces....

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You know how "300" is told from the perspective of the lone surviving Spartan soldier spinning outlandish propaganda about the Battle of Thermopylae to rally the war effort against the Persians?

Conveniently explaining away how he managed to survive the battle without being a cowardly deserter, he portrays the enemy as an impossibly massive army of grotesque cartoonish monsters - and Spartans as impossibly brave superheroes.

It's a very entertaining movie, if not historically accurate....

This is good, and expected. But it's only a start. There needs to be an organized counter group as well. Otherwise all this accomplishes is the creation of a violent, anti-American hate group Woke Force that's armed to the teeth and happy to march down to the red states to slaughter and enslave us.

I'm surprised she didn't suggest smallpox-infected security blankies

Does it surprise anybody that this criminal moron won the Democrats primary in SC?

Of all the non-commie states, I think they might have the stupidest voters. And I'm not even talking about this, just look at their two senators!

For this reason alone, DeSantis vs Vaxx Daddy T isn't even a question.

But expand beyond the death shot and try to find an issue Trump is more trustworthy on over the past couple years.

It's good to have more than one solid option (compare this debate to the Democrats deciding which psychopath, degenerate, idiot, loser or decrepit old vampire to force on their braindead voters), but let Trump golf. He's earned a nice retirement.

Never mind what preposterous nonsense liberals are lying about today. Ask yourself why anybody still believes them.

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