Congress was much better when it had more duels than dual citizens.

Imagine MTG responding to Piglosi's mask fines by slapping the old bitch in the face, handing her a pistol and having her walk 20 paces to eternity? Or instead of running his mouth at Fauci every other mouth, Rand Paul could run the little goblin through with a rapier and shut him up for good.


Wouldn't it be great if instead of apologizing to Ihan Omar for mean words, Boebert could apologize to her brother for smoking his sister/wife on the House floor? And then she could have him deported.

Or if she didn't like Paul Gosar's anime video, AOC could demand satisfaction instead of whinging to her social media followers. And then we'd all watch nature take its course.

Wouldn't that make some great C-SPAN viewing?

I’ve always thought Congress should go back to caning one another on the House floor as they did back in the awesome Andrew Jackson’s day.

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