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TRUMP: "Call me conservative. Call me liberal. I want a border. I want voter ID. I want low taxes. Call me liberal. Call me anything you want, but when you think about it, most of it, it's common sense."

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1) This is a special moment for Adam Schiff, the number one diehard Russiagater in Congress. Gets to accompany Nancy Pelosi on a heroic mission to Ukraine, to see the fruits of his life's work: seeing to it that the US "fights Russia over there, so we don’t have to fight them here"

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Our Father who art in heaven,

hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread,

and forgive us our trespasses,

as we forgive those who trespass against us,

and lead us not into temptation,

but deliver us from evil.

For thine is the kingdom

and the power, and the glory,

forever and ever.


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good morning free speech and freedom loving fam!

A good morning reminder…

Trump won Pennsylvania
Trump won Wisconsin
Trump won Michigan
Trump won Georgia
Trump won Nevada
Trump won Arizona

Happy Wednesday ☕🌞😎

🙏🇺🇸 MAGA, again 🇺🇸🙏

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What the political pundits aren’t seeing about NYSRPA v. Bruen

DC denizens and politicos are seeing the world through darkened glasses.

The see a long string of milquetoast opinions, and justices that can be bullied through political pressure.

Here is Joe Biden, 31 years ago, right after the Rodney King beating, arguing that police should be able to beat a confession out of a suspect.
“Hang ‘em.” via @mazemoore

160.1) NOTE in regard to this: It was FBI agent Curtis Heide who made this comment, not Novick. The perils of "live reporting."

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181) Are you aware Mr. Sussmann went to the CIA” in February 2016? Charnov replied: “I am not aware,” admitting he had not followed the case.
Proceedings have ended with all expecting a filing tonight regarding Sussmann potentially testifying as soon as Thursday. Also on tap is former New York Times reporter Eric Lichtblau. For continuing coverage, check-in with Zack Stieber at The Epoch Times.

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180) His cache, they say, is why he was concerned about the allegations and why Baker and others launched the probe.
On cross-examination, prosecutor Michael Keilty noted prominent dates weren’t on Charnov’s charts. Sept. 18, Sept. 19, for instance were not documented. When asked why Sept. 19 wasn’t on chart, Charnov said, “This is the first time I am hearing of this.”
Keilty noted the chart only goes through October 2016. He asked: “So February 2017 does not appear on this chart.

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179) In a Sept. 22, 2016, email from FBI agent Rodney Hays to Sussmann — three days after he went to Baker — Hays asks if he has "time to chat with the FBI” because DOJ/FBI “are likely to have some information requests for your clients and would like to talk to them.”
Charnov’s testimony was to demonstrate Sussmann was well-known as a "cyber guy" and as a lawyer who represented Democratic entities.

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178) “We appreciate your attention and assistance,” the email said.
The FBI scheduled three “secret level” meetings for “threat briefings” at agency headquarters between Aug. 11-16 with the DNC, DCCC, and HFA. Sussmann attended all three meetings as among the entities’ lawyers.

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177) Correspondence included an Aug. 3, 2016, email, ‘Extortion threat to the Hilary campaign’ with “FBI recipients.” The Aug. 2 message said campaign would be attacked 8-8-2016 “if ransom not paid.”
Sussmann CC’d in the email as “HFA attorney.”
The threat passed. In Aug. 9 email from “HFA attorney Michael Sussmann” to members of DOJ/FBI regarding “intrusions of DNC/DCCC,” Sussmann thanked FBI agent Rodney Hayes for the agency’s response.

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176) Before the “Sussmann may testify” bomb, Randall Charnov, a paralegal at Latham & Watkins — the law firm defending him — took the stand as a defense witness. Charnov was asked about charts, calendar entries diagramming Sussmann’s contacts between June-October 2016.
Charnov explained he placed contacts into “three buckets” of Sussmann clients. One for the Democratic National Committee, one for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, one for Hilary For America campaign (HFA).

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175) Cooper said alacrity is appreciated "so we know if we are going to move forward (into next week) or if the defense is going to rest" by Friday.
Amid these confusing wrenches, Cooper has sent the jury home. There were more discussions regarding Heide's "fabricated" comment and the defense was allowed to read parts of Sussmann's December 2017 Congressional testimony into the record.

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174) This, Cooper said, would like mean closing arguments won't be heard until next Tuesday.
The sealed motion was discussed after defense witnesses Latham & Watkins LLP paralegal Randall Charnov, and character witnesses Jimma Elliott-Stevens, Thomson-Reuters general counsel, and former DOJ attorney Martha Stansell-Gamm.
DeFillipis said he'll file reply to sealed motion by 6 pm to determine "what's fair for the defendants' cross-examine."

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173) The defense wants "pre-trial negotiations" precluded from questioning.
Sussmann's lawyers want a prompt response but prosecutors want more time to review the motion. Lead defense attorney Sean Berkowitz said a response is needed "sooner rather than later" because it would "inform" Sussmann's decision to take the stand.
Berkowitz said if Sussmann takes the stand, it would likely take at least three hours, begin Thursday and end Friday.

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172) “This was Russia, foreign influence, counterintelligence, which is why I quickly passed it off."
Grasso said if he knew Joffe's relationship with the Clinton campaign and that the data may have been generated by the campaign, "I would have passed that information onto the people investigating. I would want them to know this is tied to a political matter …”
Discussion before Cooper re a sealed motion filed by the defense regarding what Sussmann could be asked if he choses to testify.

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171) Grasso did not recall if Joffe said where he got, and who developed, the data. Joffe specifically asked him not to disclose his identity. "I can't say for certain why" but assumed it was because allegations involved Russia and he feared for his family's safety.
Grasso told prosecutor Andrew DeFillipis it was odd. “It was unusual in that it concerned a matter I normally didn’t work with Mr. Joffe on.” (cybercrime).

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170) Grasso said he knew Joffe was an FBI 'confidential human source' (CHS). He knew who Joffe's "handler" was, but never contacted him nor did he know if Joffe had conveyed the information to his 'handler.'
Grasso: “He would come directly” to him and “did not use an intermediary”even though he had a handler. “It was always a direct contact from Mr. Joffe …” Grasso could not recall if he reached out to Joffe’s “handler,” agent Paul Scheff.

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169) Grasso said Joffe verbally relayed to him two IP addresses that would help investigators. The agent had to make several phone calls to "first determine if there was an investigation" that Joffe know about but he didn't.
Grasso learned there was, indeed, an Alfa probe and sent "an email to the Chicago folks with the IP addresses" but, at Joffe's request, did not disclose his identity, which frustrated investigating agents.

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168) Grasso said he interacted with Joffe often over more than a decade. He nominated Joffe for a 2013 FBI Director's Award for his role in a team that dealt with 'The Butterfly Bot.' Joffe was reliable, respected, Grasso said.
Grasso said in late September 2016, he was aware of Trump-Russia concerns but not of the Alfa allegations. The first time he heard of it was whenJoffe called him and "advised me there was an open FBI investigation in the matter."

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167) documents were just part of a raft of concerns regarding Trump-Russia in summer 2016.
McCord is off the stand and the defense calls FBI agent Tom Grasso to testimony. Lead defense attorney Sean Berkowitz will examine Grasso, who was subpoenaed to testify by Sussmann's team.
Court is in recess after former FBI agent Tom Grasso testifies about how he passed along two IP addresses to investigators on behalf of Joffe and honored Joffe's request to remain anonymous.

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