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45th President of the
United States of America

"Working hard to get very popular and capable Former Congressman Sean Duffy of Wisconsin to run for Governor. He would be fantastic! A champion athlete, Sean loves the people of Wisconsin, and would be virtually unbeatable. His wife, Rachel, is likewise an incredible person

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good morning free speech and freedom loving fam!

it's thursday, 10/14/2021.

have a great day!

πŸ™πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ MAGA, again πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ™

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Democrats claim they don’t support Defunding the Police.
Here’s 7 minutes of them saying, DEFUND THE POLICE!

State Trooper with 22 years of service signs off after fired by @GovInslee for not getting Vaccinated:
β€œThis is the last time you’ll hear me in a patrol car and Jay Inslee can kiss my ass.”

New Jon McNaughton Painting
Solitary Confinement

What has become of our country when they choose to fight against its own people? When riots ensue that burn down entire blocks & are excused, yet Americans waving flags march in protest to the US capitol are thrown in jail in such a manner? What about Ashli Babbitt? Many Americans today feel that they have been denied their Constitutional rights ...

to be cont

(Excerpt) Read more at ...


We should report every single church that plays this crap to the IRS and have their non profit status revoked.


She puts on her "Black" voice... so friggin obvious... what an ass she is.

People are not that stupid.

Remember this shit?


VP Harris implores congregants to vote following church service. The McAuliffe campaign has embraced "Souls to the Polls," block-party style events featuring top campaign surrogates after church near polling locations, to drive turnout.

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NEW -- More than 300 Black churches across VA will hear from @KamalaHarris btwn Sun. and November 2 in video message that will air during morning services as part of outreach effort aimed to boost @TerryMcAuliffe.

Video first obtained by CNN

@watson Delta lost me forever long ago. Everything they've done in the last 2 years confirms that again and again.

Too bad. Actually, a great airline.

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