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Headed to the Big Game? Masks will be required at the stadium. Fans will also need to show vaccination proof or a negative COVID-19 test prior to entry. Enjoy the game & stay safe! GO RAMS!

Remember this come fall: Californians can turn out for a huge crowd at the Super Bowl, but nobody should have to show up to vote at the polls come Election Day. What a scam.
The people who care the least about actual "democracy" are Democrats.

NEW: SFPD crime lab has been using sex assault victim DNA, collected from rape kits, to tie the victims to later crimes, per @chesaboudin.

In recent case, S.F. police linked a woman to a property crime using DNA from her past rape kit, DA's office said.

States with the HIGHEST unemployment:

Hawaii - 9%
New York - 8.5%
New Mexico - 8.3%
Connecticut - 8.3%
California - 8.3%

These are all DEMOCRAT states.

Doctors sue California for threatening to punish them for not facilitating assisted suicide
Sue to block SB 380, which made it easier for patients to commit suicide under the End of Life Options Act that took effect in 2016.
The amended law removed it, leaving providers vulnerable to "civil, criminal, administrative, disciplinary, employment, credentialing, professional discipline, contractual liability, or medical staff action, sanction, or penalty or other liability."

The man who killed his 3 daughters in the Sacramento church this week was in the country illegally. A few days before the murders he was arrested for assaulting a peace officer. ICE asked to be notified of his release.
Because of the Sanctuary State law, ICE was never notified.

This Three Bedroom North Toronto Home Just Sold For $613,000 Over Its Asking Price
It had previously sold in August 2014 for $1,065,000 and sold in February 2022 - less than 8 years later - for almost triple what it went for in 2014. The seller was asking $1.995 million and the home sold for $2.608 million. 

Public transportation in Los Angeles is right now. Would you want your daughter to ride this to work or school every day?
the whole city of Los Angeles really is

I can't stop thinking about this picture. Mostly I just can't stop imagining how long it took his staff to stage those books, how many iterations of that stack they went through, how many arguments they had about which titles should show, which book he should be "reading" 😂😂😂

that didn't take long 👇🏽

D.FEINSTEIN: The shooting in Sacramento this weekend isn’t an isolated event.

It’s the latest in an epidemic of gun violence that continues to plague our country.

Enough is enough.

Congress knows what steps must be taken to stop these mass shootings, we just have to act.

Suspect arrested is a felon, the gun used was stolen. Gun laws wouldn’t do anything to prevent this.

OMG proposed California abortion law will allow mothers (and anyone who helps them) to kill their babies up to 7 days after birth without criminal consequence.

“Perinatal death” they’re calling it. WHO defines this as 7 days after birth.

's sky high electricity prices projected to make charging an Electric Vehicle (EV) more expensive than filling up a tank of gas for combustion engine car.

"catastrophic electric bills”

this happens when you make shoplifting not a crime 👇🏽

Every item in this SF Walgreens is under lock and key.

There’s practically nothing you can buy without having to call an associate to unlock something.

I’ve never been in a country that lives this way.

To combat the Roe v. Wade decision, democrats in CA have introduced SB 1142 which would invite women across the country to come to CA for an abortion, paid for by CA. Planned parenthood is salivating at the thought of all the $$ they will make.


Shameful advocacy from @TerryMoran and @ABCWorldNews’ @DavidMuir.

It’s clear their NYC staffers are all left wing radicals.

They totally downplay that it’s a state rights issue.

This isn’t journalism.

D.RUBIN: This 🧵 is a perfect example of how leftism is a mental disorder.
Mob moving on cops, eventually cops have to respond. Activist shares clip to blame cops…
in LA run by leftists,
in CA, run by Woke pro abortion fetishist Gavin Newsom…
Does anyone honestly believe LA cops were out there randomly attacking peaceful protestors?
There is no level of violence that the Dems won’t tolerate nor outright instigate.
A perfect distraction from disastrous biden admin. And these are the pawns.

1) On May 5th, the State Assembly 'gutted' the contents of an unrelated bill (AB-1227) aimed at building energy efficiency, and amended it with language reviving a long-failed firearm and ammunition excise tax which, if passed, would be effective immediately as an "urgency statute."

2) According to the new language, "The year 2020 saw an unprecedented surge in firearm and ammunition sales across the nation, and this trend has continued into 2021." They say that the tax is needed because "This surge in firearm and ammunition sales and profits has occurred alongside an unprecedented nationwide spike in shootings and gun homicides." Seemingly conflating legal gun sales with crime and violence.

3) A California bill regarding roof replacement building standards was just amended to completely change it into a gun and ammo tax that would take effect immediately.

4) The bill itself calls for an excise tax of 10% on handguns and 11% on long guns, ammunition, or precursor parts. would then deposit the tax collected from the bill into a so-called Gun Violence Prevention, Healing, and Recovery Fund. These funds are cover for liberal states to tax gun owners and fund their opposition research, which in turn supports more gun control laws. It's like an authoritarian Uroboros.

5) Interestingly, a similar bill, AB-1223, was introduced by the same author, California state legislator Marc Levine, but failed to pass in February. This is another attempt to pass a failed gun tax by gutting and amending a solar roofing bill.

6) What's even more telling of the lawmakers' attitudes in California is this excerpt from the proposed legislation: "Existing law imposes various taxes, including taxes on the privilege of engaging in certain activities." It's obvious here that California intends to treat the 2nd Amendment like a privilege, to be taxed and taken away from those that are unworthy, or cannot afford it, instead of a constitutional right.

7) @AsmRodriguez52 @SenatorLeyva
As my representatives in the CA legislature, I am requesting you oppose AB1227 (Levine) as it is yet another racist, classist attack on CA citizens’ access to our Rights. I expect you to find ways to remove barriers to RIGHTS, not place them.

8) While the insanity of the situation can almost be humorous, gun owners should look at not as a bubble but as an example of what can happen when one party controls a state. Don't forget, California was a Republican stronghold state until the 90s but now serves as a template and testing ground for gun control policy nationwide. /end/

CA SB 931 would make it possible to fine a public employer $1,000 for every employee told abt their union membership rights, up to $100,000.

This will cause employers to be wary of communicating w/ their employees abt their rights not to join a union.

At this point, everyone with the ability is leaving the city, whether we want to or not. Sure, Chicago has great stuff! But now this great stuff is in headlines about violence.

Did you know SOCIALISM was attempted in America in 1825? Robert Owen bought New Harmony, IN. His words, man was "free from traditional religion, conventional marriage and private property.”
The town attracted elitist and academia.
Thinkers, not doers.
It failed.
Lasted 2 years.


Socialism is now as popular as capitalism among young people.

They’re told that disasters like Venezuela and the Soviet Union aren’t “real” socialism.

It’s time to set the record straight. Here I debunk socialist myths:

1/2) California never misses a chance to make a problem worse. In the midst of a drought, the regulators have just killed a desalination plant because it will "destroy marine life in about 100 billion gallons of seawater per year."
In fact, it would only kill the microscopic marine life in a whopping 0.00005% of the Pacific Ocean, but in CA, feelz outweigh factz every time ...

For the first time in over 10 years, the surge in the cost-of-living has now overtaken the climate crisis as the biggest worry for millennials and their younger GenZ counterparts according to research by Deloittes.

@watson sad to see Chi-Town totally destroyed by the Dims

it's the republicans' fault, dumchasee?!?!
may even be Trump's fault.
orange man....

@watson well God knows I blame the RINOs for a lot but nah Chi-Town is totally on the Dims lol

well, heck. you're a racist white supremacist then.
your nationality and skin color doesn't matter.
that's how we're SUPPOSED to think.

Guess they can't see that eventually they'll tax people out of the state. Will the diehard dems stay and fork over ~75‰ theoretically? To cover for the ones who left? What about tourists? Only the rich? It's a problem.

He's so jealous that the people don't really like him. After all, he's only taking all that nasty tax money off your hands for your own good! He knows better how to spend it (not on you of course!)

The bastards will push until the citizens will stand no more. There are many patriots in that failing state and at some point that invisible line will be crossed. Then it's anyone's guess what will happen.

@watson They've treated the Constitution like dirt. You have to show WHY you want/need a concealed carry permit to get one. CA is "May Issue" it's up to your betters to grant you permission for your self defense. Mostly they don't.
I got lucky when we moved to a rural county and met a cool Sheriff. I didn't even try to apply in Sacramento and just carried anyway. Horrors!

I think the courts may have recently ruled against that whole may issue thing as unconstitutional but I'm not sure.

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