1) "The narrative that they are 'safe and effective' is a complete lie. They're ineffective, they're dangerous and they're not safe!"... from one of the most published doctors in his field.
With the tidal wave of data comes the big fish.... 👇

4) And if you don't trust anyone in medicine or government or the media, why don't you listen to what the insurance industry is saying instead...


5) Doubling down from above, here is a stunning interview with an incredibly influential and successful man who has a multi billion dollar track record for reading the data and making correct predictions... Required listening and sharing I think.... rumble.com/v17omi3-cv19-vax-de

6) "The mantra is they work, but they just cannot work, based of first principals and all the senor scientists advocating the j4b KNOW IT - I will take on all-comers" says yet ANOTHER doctor with decades of research experience... twitter.com/DavidUphim/status/

7) And again echoed here...
Dr. Bhakdi, MD, releases statement on Covid vaccines

"There is no vaccine that you put into your muscle that can ever protect you against an infection of the respiratory tract... anyone who says otherwise is either ignorant or he's lying."

Full video:
clip twitter.com/_taylorhudak/statu

9) In the Pfizer trials (see ) , more people died in the vaccine group than in the placebo group, and it takes 22,000 vaccines to save one life from COVID.
Steve Kirsch: "So you killed 150,000 in order to maybe save 10,000 lives." twitter.com/DavidUphim/status/

12) From Stanford University...
"The excess risk of serious adverse events of special interest surpassed the risk reduction for COVID-19 hospitalization relative to the placebo group in both Pfizer and Moderna trials"
END IT @sajidjavid NOW !!!

13) Oh this is getting REALLY GOOD now!! 🍿
Hello @BBCNews @SkyNews @guardian @Telegraph @MailOnline WAKEY WAKEY !! 🥁
Tucker reporting a very recent 40% hike in overall deaths of Americans aged 18-64. A 10% jump from the norm is alarming. 40% unheard of.
Data provided by those who wont fudge data: life insurance companies that must pay out endless claims.

14) STUNNING: At Today's Congressional Testimony, Dr. Deborah Birx Admits the Biden Admin's Vaccine Efficacy Claims Were Based on 'Hope' and nothing more 😳

15) Congratulations @mrmarkdolan and @JohnBoweActor for being among the first to tell the dumbed downed nation the truth, despite being surrounded by useful idiots. 👏👏 twitter.com/DavidUphim/status/

16) Roger Hodkinson drops a nuke👇
"The colleges of Physicians and Surgeons stand accused of colluding with governments in state sanctioned murder"
And he is 100% correct IMHO!! 💥 twitter.com/DavidUphim/status/

17) Why do some people die, some are injured and some completely unaffected (thank God)? - It's the 'Russian Roulette theory' as explained below... I am praying most got duds!! twitter.com/DavidUphim/status/


19) Holy shiiiii....
Compare and contrast
"sudden death" 2019
"sudden death" 2022
Google News Search 😱

20) The effects of covid vaccine on . 5200% increase in all cause mortality & lamestream media won't cover it!
"Dropping like flies"
~ Anne Vandersteele

21) Some shocking FACTS that twt will absolutely hate (and is blocking elsewhere - guess why!) = back it up, download it, re-upload! We are unstoppable, they know it! XXX twitter.com/DavidUphim/status/

22) It's coming - "the daisy chain effect is going to be mind boggling" - big pfarmas days are numbered... 🔥

24) Does this sound 'Safe and Effective' to you? 👇
3000 volunteer experts have poured over the to help us make that judgement.... ncrenegade.com/naomi-wolf-unpa

25) "There are more than 1000 papers on the spike protein in jabs and . This is in our peer reviewed data. THIS IS NOT A SUBJECT OF CONTROVERSY ANYMORE"

Let this sink in REAL FAST and share !! 👇🏽


26) "In all of history, if there are 50 deaths, you pull it off the market, but there has been over 40000 deaths and it's STILL there?"
What don't you understand about this message @sajidjavid @BorisJohnson ??
The British public deserve answers NOW!... rumble.com/v1acvbp-pull-it-off

28) When one of the worlds MOST published and respected doctors tells everyone that you are 5 times more likely to die taking the jab, for goodness sake, WHY is NO ONE LISTENING???? (30 mins in for 5 mins)
I am just trying to save lives here! rumble.com/vochii-dr.-peter-mc

30) It is getting far too easy now to find conclusive evidence of terrible harms.
When is someone coming to our rescue @MaajidNawaz @JohnBoweActor @SueC00K @mrmarkdolan @MarkSteynOnline ? -
See this thread from the top please.
MORE slam dunk stuff below... oann.com/report-rise-in-us-dis

31) If anyone was in any doubt about the nature of the information war we are in, enjoy this red pill on the


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