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Republicans should criminalize child drag shows for two reasons: 1) It’s child sexual abuse. And 2) It will force Democrats to defend them.
This includes drag shows where children are performing (!!! Can’t believe this is even a conversation) and ones where kids are invited/attending.

Crime is up 137% in West Hollywood and they just voted to defund the sheriff's department.
Remember this armed robbery that happened in West Hollywood on Melrose?
Crime in West Hollywood is *so bad* that people are getting their dogs kidnapped at gun point.

RASHIDA TLAIB: Fascist SCOTUS guts the EPA's ability to regulate carbon emissions, fight climate change.
The federal government will be restricted from regulating anything of significance in the absence of a clear Congressional directive to do so.


See, guys, the Supreme Court is fascist because

::checks notes::

it just told the legislature -- the branch of government most answerable to the people -- to legislate instead of unelected bureaucrats

It's almost like they don't know the basic definitions of words

5 major cultural issues in the West:

1/ Destruction and subversion of the traditional family unit

2/ Denial of personal responsibility

3/ Incentivisation of lies and punishment of truth

4/ Prioritisation of emotions over reason

5/ Denial of (or apathy towards) all the above

1) Alex Pearlman, a hardcore liberal who has absolutely had it with the Democratic Party and their pathological obsession with fundraising in response to inconvenient Supreme Court decisions instead of, you know, doing their jobs in Congress. Pearlman is especially fed up with Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who, as Pearlman reminds us, is worth well over $100 million (at least financially speaking … morally speaking is another story) and thus isn’t lacking for any funds.
[H/T twitchy]

2) In case you’re wondering what sorts of fundraising emails Pearlman is referring to, here’s a perfect example from none other than Nancy Pelosi.

3) yes this is real, from a PAC, here’s yesterday’s too. also they keep getting past my spam filters!! what gives

He buys oceanfront property and then tells us the oceans are rising. He flies around in private jets even as he warns us about using fossil fuels. The world’s greatest hypocrite is in his element here!

Flashback: Joe Biden Against Gay Marriage: 'Marriage Is Between A Man And A Woman'

George W. Bush paraded around for decades as a man of faith and a warrior for the unborn. Let’s take a close look at W’s official statement regarding the historic Dobbs v. Jackson ruling which overturned Roe v. Wade…

S.WHITEHOUSE: This is Putin’s gas price increase. There can be no "energy independence" as long as we power our economy with commodities whose value is determined by global events beyond our control.
Furthermore, the fossil fuel industry should not be allowed to take advantage of a crisis by hiking prices and collecting a massive windfall. Switching to renewables over the longer term will lower costs, insulate consumers from price spikes, & protect our national security.

thread by @ThomasCatenacci re democrat's renewable energy
March 11, 2022

1) Democrats have repeatedly pushed this line: "The only way we can be energy independent is by switching to renewables ASAP."

But they fail to acknowledge that such a rapid transition would make us even more dependent on foreign, hostile regimes for energy.


2) While Sen. Whitehouse and others have argued renewables "insulate" consumers from price spikes, they fail to address how this crisis has affected critical mineral markets.
Ex. the cost of nickel spiked 100% this week. Nickel is key for EV batteries.

3) Why did it spike? Russia controls the market.

Russia mined 250,000 metric tons, or 10% of the world’s total nickel supply in 2021.

The U.S. mined less than 1%. Data via @USGSMinerals

4) Nickel isn't the only important critical mineral to watch, though.

Cobalt, copper, lithium, nickel, graphite, zinc and others are all important for green tech like solar panels, wind turbines and EV batteries.

This @IEA graph shows the importance of these commodities:

5) One example: a single offshore wind farm needs a whopping 8,000 kilograms of copper to produce one megawatt, enough to power just 400-900 homes.

Key point: a doubling of lithium or nickel prices would induce a 6% increase in already pricey EV battery costs (via IEA).

But while Russia controls a large chunk of global mineral supply, China is truly dominant in this space.

China controls about 55% of the world’s mining capacity and 85% of global mineral refining.

7) In 2021, the U.S. mined about 6% of the global copper supply, 0.4% of global cobalt supplies, 0.67% of the world’s nickel, 0% of global graphite supply and about 5.7% of the world’s zinc.

In transitioning to green tech for energy, the US is set to implement it's own kind of Nord Stream 2:

"The focus on renewables is a license to trade what dependency we may have had on the Middle East with an almost exclusive dependency on Communist China," @TomJPyle tells me.

8) Much of the problem is that the US has some of the most burdensome environmental regulations/permit requirements in the world. On average, it takes 10 yrs for a mine to be approved.

“The U.S. is terribly far behind,” @NationalMining president Rich Nolan tells me.

“It’s more secure, coming from inside our borders than it is from overseas, especially when a lot of the suppliers now, who are trying to corner the market, include hostile regimes such as China and Russia,” Nolan adds.

9) So, what has the Biden administration done?

It has doubled down on environmental NEPA roadblocks blocking domestic mining projects and recently canceled a major project in Minnesota.

That project - the Twin Metals project - would've produced copper, nickel, cobalt and platinum.

“It was purely a political decision,” Minnesota @RepPeteStauber tells me. “We need to secure our critical minerals, we need energy and mining dominance in this nation.”

10) An estimated 95% of U.S. nickel reserves, 88% of U.S. cobalt reserves and more than 30% of U.S. copper reserves are located at the now-cancelled Twin Metals site, according to Stauber.

“If foreign adversarial nations stopped selling us critical minerals, it would be devastating," Stauber adds.

"We have the opportunity to mine these minerals in the United States of America, and this administration is hell bent on banning mining across this nation."

11) Conclusion? A green transition does not equal automatic energy independence and price insulation as Democrats have argued.

Add to this how vulnerable green tech is to inflation and supply chain issues (link⬇️), and you get quite the opposite conclusion.

read more here


Biden: "My mother had an expression: out of everything lousy, something good will happen. We have a chance to make a fundamental turn toward renewable energy, electric vehicles, and across the board."

Democrats control the House, the Senate and the White House.
This headline should be: Democrats Don’t Support Changing the Filibuster.


The President of the United States attacks capitalism, the Chinese celebrate.

(And the DC media do, too).

Listen to 1st and 2nd generation Americans. They are the canaries in the coal mine.

They see how the media is supporting the current ruling party to attack American ideals.

Working on it Mr. President. In the meantime - have a Happy 4th and please make sure the WH intern who posted this tweet registers for Econ 101 for the fall semester...


Thanks for posting this boo. @icare4america shared the hilarious words first thing this morning, but I was waiting for the Twitter shot so I could share it via text!

You never disappoint!

i have to include the link for those dufus you demand proof 🧐

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